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It's been quite a while... what's next?

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It’s been quite a while ago since I’ve last gave you an update about the status of ChunkCloud and if it’s coming back or not… and you really own an answer from me. About a year ago now I closed the server stating that it would only be temporary. However, as the months passed by I didn’t find any time or excitement to continue to work on the server and bring it back. First, the reason why I closed the server in the first place. After renaming the server from NLGameVideosNL to ChunkCloud, I wanted to make the server have something unique. I wanted to make ChunkCloud be different from NLGameVideosNL, where everything was kind of basic. To accomplish this I was busy thinking of cool new items and features I wanted to add, such as tiered monsters and souls. And boosters. And a n...
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