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Hello ChunkCloud, goodbye NLGameVideosNL

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I'm proud to annouce that the network has been officially renamed to ChunkCloud! After months of hard work - writing thousands of lines of Java code, restyling every single aspect of the server and a lot of testing - the 'rebrand' update has finally been completed.
A lot of things have changed, and more awesome plugins and gamemodes will be added in the near future. An overview of changed and added server features can be found at the bottom of the page.
[center]What will you be working on next? My first objective is to get the player base back to what it once was. This might take some time, but I'm confident that i'ts do-able. Sinc...
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You can also contact us on Twitter by sending a tweet to @ChunkCloud. It however might be possible for tweets to stay unnoticed, so we rather have you contact us by using the 2 ways stated above.