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ChunkCloud Re-release

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The long awaited network re-release is finally here! On August 1st, 2019, ChunkCloud Network will be back online for all of you to enjoy. It took a while - actually well over a year - but, as promised, ChunkCloud is back! Expect the survival realm to release at the beginning of August, with SkyBlock and CaveBlock following shortly after. The Survival realm will release as beta, as some features won't be fully completed yet. As many things have changed, I will describe the changes as bullet points. It will be a pretty long read, so... be prepared! Join our Discord server for more preview images and to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Worlds, Claiming & PvP: ▪ The overworld will be generated by the same generator as our 1.12.2 world. The generator has been updated to 1.14, which means all structu...

It's been quite a while... what's next?

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It’s been quite a while ago since I’ve last gave you an update about the status of ChunkCloud and if it’s coming back or not… and you really own an answer from me. About a year ago now I closed the server stating that it would only be temporary. However, as the months passed by I didn’t find any time or excitement to continue to work on the server and bring it back. First, the reason why I closed the server in the first place. After renaming the server from NLGameVideosNL to ChunkCloud, I wanted to make the server have something unique. I wanted to make ChunkCloud be different from NLGameVideosNL, where everything was kind of basic. To accomplish this I was busy thinking of cool new items and features I wanted to add, such as tiered monsters and souls. And boosters. And a new ranking system. And … you name it. In the end, I had a whole list of things I wanted to create, without having the time for it. Seeing the player base drop didn’t really motivate me either. Eve...

Upcoming network update - Custom items, boosters and more!

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Time for another update guys! If you've played on the server, you've probably noticed that SkyBlock has been removed from the server selector and that Survival is the only remaining gamemode. This is not a mistake, this was done on purpose to prepare for the upcoming server 'Custom Survival' update. After the previous update - which changed NLGameVideosNL into ChunkCloud - I had mixed feelings about SkyBlock and other gamemodes which I wanted to install. I kind of liked the variety of gamemodes, but on the other hand it left me no true way of customizing the server: Too many gamemodes means too many ways to customize the different gamemodes which results in less customized gamemodes over-all, if that makes any sense. Because of this, I've decided to transform the server in an all-survival server, with tons of custom features like mobs, new it...


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