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Building Competition July

Server Staff
Hey peeps!

This month we'll start with building competitions, every month you can participate. The prices are as following:
First place Get's 15.000$ With one OP tool.
Second place Get's 8.000$
Third place Get's 4.000$
If you work with 2 or more people the prices get shared

Every month the prices will be the same.
There will also be a theme every month. The theme for this month will be Future/Modern.
If your build is not the theme of the month it will be disqualified. Every month the theme will be different, so if you're not good at one theme you will have a chance the next month.

This month the preparation time will be a little bit shorter then it will be in the other months.
Your build will have to be done at the last day of the month. So at 31/07/2016 you will have to be finished.
We will start judging at the first of august.

How do I participate you might ask.
You can participate by commenting on this thread with the following things in it:
The coordinates of your build in the world or if you placed a home at the build give the homename
Is it a solobuild or teambuild if it's a teambuild name every player
Optional: The name of your build

The winners will be know as soon as possible august, when the winners are announced the information for the next month will also be known!

Good luck at buildin and may the force be with you ;)
If there are any questions you can always ask me
Server Staff
With every competition there are always a lot of questions, in this comment you will find the most asked questions (FAQ)

-Am I allowed to use a build I started working on before for the competition?
Since there is no way we can check that, you are allowed to use your old builds if they are build in the theme

-Does the build have to be made in survival or in factions?
You can choose, for teambuilds factions is verry good, you can make a special build with people of your faction, but it is more difficult to make it grief proof

More questions will follow as the competition goes on
I'm Gonna Join :D

Homename: battle
I'm solo

(I didn't put a title for surprise reasons)

Server Staff
Great idea!
Im going to join and beat ya all :D
Homename : ModernTweet
Teambuild : me and bluepotato
Coordinates : X: 1094.74o / Y: 68 / Z: 1383.477
I already started but I forgot to post that I'm in. Anyways...
Place:Front of spawn
Cords: X:-189 Z:867
Name: Tornado Tower In Qatar
Message to all: Good luck for everyone :D
Hay, Ik doe ook mee ;D

Coord: X -113/Y 76/ Z 846
Ik bouw alleen.
Naam hotel: Mexin Hotel
I will build something that if you guys will see me again ,,
Server Staff
One quick update
The Winner will get an OP as said in the main post, but what should the tool be???

In the strawpoll you can pick the tool you want to get the most, the tool that has the most votes at the end of July will get picked

One quick note mostly for factions players: Since it's a building competition and it doesn't have anything to do with pvp, the tool you can get will have a normall attack damage (or sharp V on axe) in the factions world, if you want your tool in survival it might become a bit more then sharp V :p
Also, I'm working on the money, in survival I have all the money, factions is getting there :p
Ik doe ook zeker mee!

Mijn coördinaten zijn: X: -3409,480 Y: 65 Z: 4670,467
Ik bouw alleen.
Naam van mijn huis: Gigantic Modern Build.
Server Staff
Very good idea @Bigsmile :D
I want to join :D

-Coordinates : X : 10429,593 Y : 83 Z : 10435,224
-World : Factions
-Homename : modernhouse
-It is a solobuild

--Good Luck To Everyone--
Server Staff
Guys the build preperation time is almost done! 4 more days left before you have to be ready.
So I gues, Finish that thing!
When the new month start we will start judging, once the winners are known (in a new thread for build-comp August) you can start working on the next theme ;) What will the theme be? I have no clue yet :p
Good luck guys on the last few days to prepare your build!
Server Staff
The Winners of this months Building competition will be announced at 11AM CEST (UTC+2) A small countdown :p


All information will follow in the next thread
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