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Winners July and information August

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This is the moment you've all been waiting for (I hope)
It's time to announce the winners of the first building contest!

First of all I want to congratulate everybody that participated on this contest, all the builds the judges saw were pretty cool and followed the theme rule verry well :D

But now why you are probally here, the winners

On the third place

More pictures:
With his tall strange looking building, he comes at the third place, Congrats

On the second place

More pictures:
His build isn't super big, but is a perfect example that your building doesn't have to big gigantic to look good! The amount of detail in his build is amazing! Congrats

And now the first place, the winner of the first building competition

More pictures:
With his Mexin Hotel he shows a verry well example of the fact that big buildings also can be detailed, maybe not as much from the outside but the inside is filled with details, tables, chairs, even televisions! Just an amazing build! Congrats!

Now for next month!
I already gave a little hint on what the theme will be, something to do with pokemon? Verry vague isn't it?
Well the theme of this months build competition is pokemon buildings, what I mean with that is buildings you would like find in pokemon games. To give this month more a pokemon feeling, there is a
special recourcepack called Diglett's Mine the judges will take a look at the builds in this recourcepack.

A little preview on how the recourcepack looks:

This is the warp village with the recourcepack on, everything gets a pokemon feeling, even the food (steak is that pink potion :p)
Here is the download for the recourcepack if you want to try it out for yourself :

Again Congrats to the winners of this months building competition!
Message to winners!: Please contact me saying where you want the money (survival or factions, and to the first place also where you want to get the tool)

Ok this wraps up the information for the building competition of this month and the winners of last month,
The same rules from last months building competition are still here, to have a quick look at them all check the last post (

So Good Luck to the builders of this month with building, and catching them all :D!!
I was too close winning this battle.

*cries in greek*

Good Builds guys GG
I'm joining, Again
Solo build
Home Name: art
I'm in :D
Name: Pokémon Centre
Coordinates: X: -238 Z: -10332
Message to all: Good Luck with catching them all!
everyone gg i did not make a build for the past competetion but now i will >;D good luck have fun everyone ( i will tell my coords and theme later)
am in 2 :D
homename: city
i am in m8
name: gym
solo build
homename: contest
I am in.

name: Gym
homename: build

my build is finished.
Coords: x -309, z -2151
i am in
cordinates X 1117 Z 3391
name : pokemon logo
home name ./home pika[b]
Gg m8s woooooo also waseem and Luca u guys did a great job. I miss NL so much hahaha see you guys soon
@_Arigamer_ you dont mis me :( :p no jk hi ari

Server Staff
Post closed!
All information will follow in the post of September

I know the month hasn't ended yet but since school will start soon, I won't be able to give the prices that well otherwise
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