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Well here we are again
End of the month (almost) and the build comp has ended, a lot of you guys out there have done as much as they can to build a nice build, not as easy for everybody to do, but still pretty nice builds.

I want to start with saying Congrats to everybody that participated on this contest, you have all done some good work (I think), the things some of you guys came up with, just insane :p

But now the winners

On the third place

More pictures:
He build a gym, a perfect example that small doesn't mean bad, he could have done much more with his build, but still it's pretty cool. Congrats!

On the second place

More pictures:
He also made a gym, he did everything a real gym needs, a battle arena, healing place for the pokemon, a good place where you can watch the fight, just a nice build. Congrats!

And now the first place!

More pictures:
He went crazy with his build, he also made a gym (yes all the places in the top 3 are gyms), his build is super big, my game couldn't even render it all at once for the picture, he has everything a gym needs, with a lot of details, doing such a big build with so much detailing is hard. He totally earned the 15.000$ and the armor. Congrats!

Now for next month
As you guys know, summer has almost ended, that means school starts again :'( So what I want of you builders out there, I want you to think abt school, after school (wait that doesn't sound right...)
But yeah this month the theme is Back To School.
So what I think you guys will build the most are schools, but still, try to surprise me guys :p.

The rules are still the same as the first month, you find the information here:

To the winners please msg me when you're online for your prices

Well I think that's all I wanted to say about it. Good luck at school guys ;)
I'm joining and i got like a cool idea
Solo build
homename: teehee
First of all I want to thank Bigsmile for the prices and awesome armor.
I love the screenshots :)

I had a lot of fun with this build :D and it took me the entire month to build it (to level te ground, building etc with no fly and mostly mined the resources myself)

the coords are: x -309, z -2151 (or you can ask if you can tp to me when i'm online)

Just one thing I need to add. If you want to build near this build, I would appreciate it if you would respect the building distance. I'm planning to keep upgrading this build so I will need some space to build the garden etc.
Also my friend Ikuto is building next to me and I expect him to expand his build. So please keep that in mind when you are building close to us. Kaythxbyee ;)
Congratz guys :D
Server Staff
@SwagMC123 Teehee
i am in
i will do a team build with badjey16
Well... I'm out of ideas for now but I will give it a shot
Home Name: schoolsux
TeamBuild: Skylar12 and Me
Cords: X: 4615 Z: 5314
Winners Message: Congrats on making those amazing Gym's (it sure destroyed my build xD)
Everyone's Message: Good luck with the new theme in my opinion it seems a bit hard.

I HATE school!
i am so happy !! congratz swagie and kay you did very well !! this buildbattle was very fun and i like the screenshots gg all of you guys !! thx djluca thx crack and only thing i want to say is get rekt pro_player told ya i was gonna end up higher than you xD sorry bro had to say it >;D
congrats kay because the poke gym is now better
I am in as well i reacted a little late but i am still busy with my school my home name is /home contest
alone build and good luck
lemme see if i can make a "skool" :P
Server Staff
Month has ended so Preperation time is over!
The Winners and Theme for next month will be announced tomorow at 11am (CEST+2)
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