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Another month has ended, so has another building competition
This month the builders have made some awesome schools (and one person a book), all amazing builds! All made to win the price of 15k$! (that's a lot)

They all want a place in the top 3! And here it is (the top 3)

On the third place
Crackershoot and Skylar12

More pictures:
Crackershoot and Skylar12 made a cool school with some cool subject classes, there wasn't any 2th floor, but the school is not missing anything! Congrats both!

On the second place
justkillthem (again)

More pictures:
His school was verry nicely detailed, every little place where you could detail, has been detailed! He even made an safety exit sign! Congrats!

And now the first place!
mike203 and badjey16

More pictures:
Their school was a big school with a lot of things you would really find at a school! A schoolbus, students and many other things. This month the first and the 2th place were verry close, (the difference in points was 0.1!)
So Congrats mike203 and badjey16!

Now the information for this month!
If you've seen me online the last few days, you've probally seen me talk abt a hint October 31, well that's the day of Halloween!. So yes, I want to guys to be spooky and create the scariest thing you can create! (in minecraft) So try to scare me and the other judges as hard as possible!

Rules are the same as always, so are the prices:

Message to winners: Please if you see me online contact me for your price.

Well that's it I think! Good luck to everybody and Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS
I wonnnnnn
I am in with badjey again
Home build : halloween
Cords: removed on request
Hope win again
Hope you like it
@mike203 @bajey
Congarts on coming first you guys sure nailed it!
I'm in the Halloween Competition :)
Homename: build
Cords: removed on request
Message To All: Good luck everyone!!

Imma scare you all >:)
OMG second place again ! cool 0.1 point :o Congratz @Crackershoot @mike203 and @badjey16
mike and cracks school were very nice i saw them both before ! Have fun and good luck in the new competition guys :D
Thanks j your builds always win bro!

And congrats for: @badjey16, @mike203, @justkillthem and a big thanks to @Skylar12 for helping out :)
I'm in
World: Survival
Home name: build

title: Herobrine's mansion: revenge of the nether
daym i wanna build but i dont have a sethome left to build it in :,(
crazydave lets work together!!!
I am in for the Halloween Competition

Home Name: octbuild
Cords : removed on request
Solo Build

First time entering, good luck everyone ^-^
Server Staff
Because there have been some problems with the competition, as a reminder of what I said in the first competition, I said "The coordinates of your build in the world or if you placed a home at the build give the homename"
Coordinates have been removed of all the posts.
Link to first thread:
Sorry if the "problems" happened to you.
I'm also in :D

World: Survival
Homename: ghost

Its a solobuild
Name: Herobrine's Mansion

Goodluck everyone ;)
Im in!!!

Home name: halloween
World : factions

Good Luck To Everyone ;)
i am in last moment as well
world: sv
homename: contest
theme: mansion
Server Staff
All information will follow in the thread for November
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