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Oh my, did the month already end? Guess I'll have to look at some builds
(and yes that was what I was thinking 2 days ago)
It was a very very spooky month, there were a ton of spiders in my ho.. Nvm let's get to the point.

This month you could join by building a halloween build, and jeez, there were some spooky builds.
But like every month, there is a big price you can win :D (15k$ WOOOOO)
Well everybody in the top 3 get's a price
And here it is!
On the third place!

More pictures:
You might think, a pumpkin? Yes a pumpkin. But underground is awesome :D a big path underground with a few rooms you can explore, really almost made me pee my pants.
Congrats DesireKage! :D

On the second place!

More pictures:
He made a spooky mansion. It looks really awesome. :D There are also a lot of small details, every chest has awesome details. :D At one point you enter some kind of a dungeon, it looks awesome!
Congrats djluca! :D

And Now......
First place

More pictures:
Video: WHAT? A video?
He made Herobrines Mansion under attack. Tuh Tuh TUH! The mansion is under attack by some nether monsters Herobrine killed before, every 666 years they attack, how lucky are we that we can see this happening! It's a really awesome (and big) building, the detailing from the attack is awesome!
Congrats KayThxByee! :D

The winners can claim the price by asking me when I'm online.

Now for next month
Medieval Tuh Tuh TUH! (k I'll stop with the Tuh Tuh TUH!)
Ah the old good times of castles, warriors and burning witches.
This is a theme I think most people can make something cool out of! :D Everybody has been there (I think), starting to play minecraft, and making a medieval house.

How can I enter you might ask yourself. (Right?)
It's easy, just comment this thread with a few things:
1. The name of your home at that build.
2. If you're working in a team or not.
3. (Not needed) The name of your build.

And a rule:
1. Try not to build something with a different theme.

Also if you already have a medieval build, you can always use it to enter.
Good luck to everybody and don't fall of your horse (like a few kings died).

If there are any questions, you can always ask me.
Aaaaaaay :D had fun with this build :)
Always a challenge to build with no fly and just survival :p

congratz to the others aswel!
Omg Kay that is an amazing build, congratz. Good job Luca, your build is amazing too. I am luck to be defeated by great builders xD thanks for 3rd ^-^
Congratz Desire and Kay, both really nice building ;)
And thanks Jarne for the second place :D

Goodluck with the medival contest guys!
congrats however kay has the best build dj your build loooks nice desire i ve seen your build and i told you it was very nice
now for this comp however
I am in so..
team with...BADJEY16
gl to everyone
i already expected that i wasnt gonna be 1 2 or 3 cus mine was just not so good but i had fun building it and i also have a cool mansion and less claimbocks xD congratz everyone btw @djluca lucaaa WAZZAAAAAA xD gl everyone with the new build.

btw jarne your posts are funny as hell xD
@DesireKage @djluca @KayThxByee
You all made cool builds and im expecting more amazing build in this medieval theme good luck everyone!
Not sure if gonna participate this month @Crackershoot, don't have any claim blocks left :c
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justkillthem said:
btw jarne your posts are funny as hell xD
Hehehe ;)
Same situation bro xD
Therefore im not joining lol
I am not building this month, medieval is not my style but the best of luck to all builders and my the odds be ever in your favor ^-^
maybe an idea to include to the winner's price: claim blocks.

I know you normaly have to buy them in the store. But maybe as price you can give some claimblocks back to the winner(s) because they invested theirs for the contest. Idk just an idea :)

just remembered i already built a medivel kingdom!
Homename: /home xp2
(when you get there, there will be a ladder leading to the kingdom, there is a block blocking the ladder u can use the compass to get through it)
Wish you understand what i said @BigSmile
Good Luck to who ever is joining!!
I can't see roughly anything in the pictures XD

But wow medival is MY thing. 50/50 chance that I'll join cause I'm busy. I'll post my join message later when I make my mind in this message using edit

P.S @KayThxByee @Crackershoot you could unclaim your builds and just put it far far away like shrek cause shrek is handsome hahaha

(joining goes here (later))
Swagmc123 is back 😇😂
Nice !!
Shrek is ugly, therefore i am not going to unclaim my build ;D
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/home TheLegendSushi:medieval
Name building: Trumps prison
/home flat
I would love to visit that prison of yours xD
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