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Hello it's me again from the other side of your computer screen again ;) How are ya doing? If you are here you probally want to know more about the build competition? AM I RIGHT? magic
Well then are you came to the right place! :D This month the theme was medieval so yes, I saw some castles :p
But I guess I should stop wasting your time and announce the winners :p.

On the third place!
TheLegendSushi aka Calvin

More pictures:
Calvin is a verry smart guy, but sadly he build it to late, it's a prison for trump, if he would have been faster the United States wouldn't be ******* sorry to all Trump lovers
Anyways, a verry nice prison :D

On the second place!
justkillthem aka jkt

More pictures:
This is "Organised Mess". Not my idea of words but ok, I'll roll with it. He created a medieval mess that looks cool. There are 2 buildings, his storage house and the castle. Just 2 good looking buildings ;) He just "killed" it.

And then....

The one and only first place!!! TUM TUM TUM
Loris and Lucakro aka idk

More pictures:
First time that I saw this I was like *POOF* *Mindblown!*, why? No clue, maybe cuz it's massive? they have created a verry awesome looking castle, that is at the same time verry big! Sad that they ran out of time and therefor it wasn't finished. Anyways, congrats to you both!

Now for the next month!
Rules are like always, verry easy.

How can I enter:
Just comment this thread with a few things:
1. The name of your home at that build.
2. If you're working in a team or not.
3. (Not needed) The name of your build.

And a rule:
1. Try not to build something with a different theme.

But I haven't said what theme it is :p do I even have to tell ya?
It's almost CHRISTMAS so start working like a slave from Santa and build the most awesome Christmas thingy!

So yeah good luck to ya all with being Santa his slave :D Ho Ho Ho
Oms first of all let's comgrats thelegendsushi for his nice castle
THEN lol again justkillthem 2nd
...AND Loris congrats your build is nice you made a good work for this build
lucaro nice job

...FOR this competition
BUILD NAME santa's company
Damn son... We won... *Cheers* Go Covenant!
Congrats guys :D
Nice guys and congrats!! @Loris @Lucakro @justkillthem (as always the best builder) @TheLegendSushi (nice your fishy moves are improving xD)

Your builds are amazing and deserves all the prices. Keep up the good work!! :D
thx all for saying that i am the best ( i am ;p ) omg jarne your threads xD, ga stuk. congratz to everyone that build all the builds look very good and smooth btw thx crack in special ( wazaaaa calvin told you i was going to end up higher then you ;p no jk your build is good) - theFoodLovingFancyAss aka justkillthem.
thx luca cracker and mikey and all the rest.
Np jkthem i knew that you would be in the 3 top builders of this competition and the best builder in the server
Great job guys - they are all awesome but highest congrats to @Loris and @Lucakuro 1st place ^-^
i will join the compatition BIG
oh and big
the winners get any prize? if yes then i'm in it to win it :D
biggie you make me cringe so bad
Server Staff
Congratz all!
xD try to support him here (im also suffering lol)

You deserve all the best for building nice build in the server, no need to thank me for pointing that out :)

To see the prices and more detailed about these monthly building competition go to:
congratz to the winners :)
Server Staff
/home TheLegendSushi:xmas
Santa´s village
Omg~ cant believe this is actually my very first post / comment on this website (pls dont judge xD)
Anyway, first time entry~ wish me luck :D
1. Home name: christmasbuild
2. Solo :D
3. Christmas Wonderland (<- don't cringe at that name pls it was a random one from the top of my head T_T)

Also, Good Luck to everyone else who is participating in this month's Build Competition <3

-Sakura ^-^/
i don't participate this month sorry guys theres no concurrention now ;) but i didn't have anough time this month
Count me in, tho my build is crappy.

Homeset : Cabin
I'm joining :3
(even though it isn't much)
Homeset: /home level
I'm joining this with Mak as well :v
Good luck to everyone! ^^
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