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Server Staff
So hello my fellow minecraft players
As you might have already noticed (or not) the server just had a MASSIVE update :D
A lot of new things have been added :D
But what do you guys think of it? (I find it verry nice)

Just a quick note: I'm thinking about restarting the build competition (and even better then ever) but once the plans for that are made, I'll let you know, you will probably hear more about it at the first of April :)

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say, no epic and long thread this time but just a basic question :)

Have fun playing on the server!
The update is great
Thanks @staff for making it happen
The update is GREAT! but the epic world gen makes tping VERY laggy like i have to wait for 10 seconds b4 i can like access chests, its like that internet lag u know? and yey
It's great
I am loving SV, which is all I have played as that is where I put my playtime. The new map is great and I don't really miss as much as i thought I would before the reset. Great job guys, all your hard work is appreciated ^-^
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