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Let me just look how to write this shizle

Good day everybody! As you might have noticed (or not, idk) the server is back! yay
With that the build competitions are also back! super yay

But yes, there are always some questions with the build competition of how things will go.
Well let me tell you!

Every player that wants to join, can do that for free! (and trust me, you really want to join)
The player with the nicest build wins an amazing price! (more on that down below)
You can start building when you want, it just needs to finished on saturday, 7/09/2019. (I might be shitfaced the days before that)

Normally there was always a theme but since it's the first competition in a long time, go have some fun!
There is no theme!

Now for the prices:
First place: First tier premium rank!
Second place: Economy and spawner keys!
Third place:: 1 Randon crate key!
Rewars might still change

To enter, just fill in this form, I would recommend you doing this when the build is finished.
You can build together with max 2 people.

So that's it! Enjoy building!
Biggy out!

If you have any questions, be sure to ask me!

Note to people that started building already:
If you are using a template from online your chances of winning are lowered.
If you tell me you used a template you can still win, if you dont you will be disqualified and banned from entering the next 2 build competitions.
Amazing events as always Jarne!

Keep it up and I hope this week passed smoothly for you <3
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