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I want the real factions

Hello guys! why we can't raid in factions ? or when someone dies his head drops ? it would be awesome and cool if these features are added it , i hope they'll be added as soon as possible , please review my thread . thanks everyone .
-- Jose
I don't think that suggestion will be made, because It probable cause lag, plus we already have a command (/skull) to get heads of players. To get the command you do need to donate to the server. Other point that most players are steve and alex and I don't think getting much of their heads would be fun if your idea was accepted or made. About faction raiding, yes TNT is disabled so its hard to get in the building of a player, the only way that I know is that you wait for the enemy to get out of the base or leaves a door of his/her base open and you can ender pearl in and start killing the enemy. By that technique you drain the enemies power which allows you to conquer their base and raid them. I wish this reply help's and thanks for the cool suggestions anyways :D
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