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make obsidian breakable

tnt is basically useless if obsidian isnt breakable
so please make it so u can break obsidian with tnt (make the durability like 3/3 or 5/5) thanks
and also if u can try to add creeper eggs and spawner on the shop that would be great kthxbai
Creepers destroying land... Mate do u want factions to have holes near warzone when they explode. No. But the more the TNT is available the harder it gets to reduce the lag and control the server, anyways good ideas in my opinion but I don't think the server will handle it.
Server Staff
@penguinpatroller, TNT is still in the "testing mode", at the moment we are testing if the server can handle TNT-usage, if everything is good (server doesn't crash because of it) there might be things added to make TNT more "usefull" for now it's going to stay like it is at the moment, thanks for the idea tho
ok seriously now @crackershoot you talking like you are one of the staff without asking a staff and like you are the owner
anyway and never mind i just want to say that Fabian is the one who going to choose what to do
hm ... pro_player.
crackershoot is the new owner ok? have problem ?
brah crack is talking like that bcoz he wants more of the rank thingy just think like that k?
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