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Trade Signs Shop In Factions!!

Hey guys, most of you heard that Trade Signs shop is allowed in Factions BUT its not allowed to make it as your base or else you get punished by staff. This thread is about me announcing my own Trade Sign shop (nearly done). Where is it set you may ask my trade sign shop isn't front the spawn like @AquaSide's and @NoName7, mine is behind the spawn its a small bedrock house look alike. I will tell you the coordinates of the Shops down below. Now what's in my shop? My shop has Armor and Weapons so my shop is good for the new comers to buy their tools and survive. I made sure that the shop is UNRAIDABLE as long TNT doesn't destroy Obisidian I'm fine. Well if you want to know what @AquaSide's shop is about you can ask him when he gets online or he might reply in this thread or you can ask @NoName7. I think that's it for announcing @AquaSide's and My Trade Sign shop, Thanks for reading.

Trade Signs Shop Coordiantes:
AquaSide's: X: 3 Y: 71 Z: 367 (South Of Spawn)
Crackershoot's: X: -54 Y: 72 Z:176 (North Of Spawn)
Server Staff
Just so you know
You're allowed to create them, but if you abuse them you'll be punished...
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