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We Want Mcmmo added on spawners

Hey Guys since lvling up mcmmo is getting hard im asking staff here to add mcmmo to mobs spawning

from the spawners otherwise add mcmmo credits if not possible please .
Server Staff
Xp-gain from spawners isn't going to be added soon, we're working on some other cool things first, if we really want to enable the xp from spawners we have to take a look in a broken plugin cofig... mcMMO plugin can be verry strange cause there are some big bugs in the plugin
We'll see about the credits since they are not really allowed by the EULA, rules every server has to follow.
Also without the spawner xp, people can't get as OP as with it on (more fair for every player)
yea jarne is rite, if we do add mcmmo on spawners then people can put invis potions and run around killing people with their hand and even get them unarmed even faster so yea its a bad idea
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