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My forum rank doesn't match the server one

Server Staff
Forum Ranks
Why your forum ranks don't match your server one

Every forum user has a specific rank to show how dedicated they are to the forum / network. On the servers you get a higher rank by playing a lot. On the forum, it's a bit different.

Here your rank is calculated with the amount of messages you have posted. As you post more, your rank will increase. Down below you will find a list of ranks, and how many posts you need to post to get the specific rank.

Stone - standard starting rank
Coal - 5 posts or more
Iron - 15 posts or more
Gold - 25 posts or more
Diamond - 50 posts or more
Emerald - 75 posts or more
Obsidian - 100 posts or more
EndStone - 125 posts or more
Bedrock - 150 posts or more

Note: Boosting your rank with posting useless messages (spam) will not be tolerated. Users who do abuse this system will be reset to rank stone, with 0 posts.
Server Staff
So when do you get a new rank? From how many posts (lvl up xD)
Cool way to spice up the forum ;D
What does higher ranks get ? Only titles ?
xD best ranking up
Lets all start chatting on the forum then. I will start By saying Hi
nice way to rank up [after this post i will be iron]
well damn im already gold rn my rank just turned [may be different for u but idk :/] still tho nice way to make the server a lil bit interesting :D
And I just reached OBISIDIAN!!!
OH,thats how you level up on forums.I will start chatting on forums now.xD

i will be diamond nearby
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