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How to use Trade signs [Shop sign]

This is basic player shop, that every player can use. Here i made small tutorial on how to make one yourself.
Hope you enjoy!

If you need more help, ask me :)
Server Staff
Nice tutorial Chillax!
Good tutorial ! thanks a lot ! :D
the video is really helpful but if you guys like it in steps here you go:
1) hold the item that you want to sell on your hand and do /itemdb [Remember the db of it]
2) Place the chest on the wall
3) First row type [trade]
4) Second row type the money for example: $7
5) Third row type the amount of the item u want to sell per click it only accepts [] SPACE then type the db (/itemdb results of the item) then this :NO SPACE then the amount of it you have in your inventory like 64,32 etc. FOR EXAMPLE: 32 wood:64 For a whole example: [trade] then $5 then 1 wood:64 then ENTER)
6) Press enter and your name appears automatically in the Fourth Row.

Thanks for reading I wish that helped :D
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