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Hello NLGameVideo Team

I just played a couple times on our server with the player name "Itz_PvPSkill" and i had very much fun but i changed my Name to "V3rox_Too" and i joined today on our server and i had to start from the beginn, And i wanted to ask you if you can give me the Rank from Itz_PvPSkill and money and the permission to The Account name V3rox_Too because i do need a half month to change my name back,And i dont wanna change my name back because i am a little bit Tired of my old name :/. Please write me back fast as possible

Old InGameName: Itz_PvPSkill
New InGameName: V3rox_Too

Just to inform u staff will be able to change your rank, homes and i think maybe claims. The rest you have to open your old account and transfer it yourself.
Server Staff
@Itz_PvPSkill We will transfer your rank and playtime to your new account as soon as possible. Like @Crackershoot said, we can't transfer anything else other than your rank and playtime. Things like claims, inventories, homes, etc can only be transferred by yourself (joining with you old account via a cracked launcher)

Edit: Your rank has been transferred.

Omg Thank you soo much :)
I will transfer now my items and etc.
I am very Happy!

Thxxxx <333

I am not gay :(
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