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Can i still be in the server with bought minecraft?

Now, don't judge me but, I'm a bit confused with the premium accounts and the bought Minecraft stuff, hence the title :P, anyway the reason I joined the server was because it was the first server that I saw one video, from 10 to 1 but I was way too lazy to check the others so I joined this, and also it was cracked, and also it had SkyBlock, now I have cracked Minecraft and I'm just trying to clear a doubt K? I'm just asking if I can buy Minecraft and still play on the server as CrazyDave48, I'm just a little confused because I couldn't play on normal servers because I have cracked Minecraft and now if i buy Minecraft, will I be able to play on a cracked server, I'm just asking :D so yea that's it from me so have fun and GO CRAZY
As long as your premium account is CrazyDave48 Your stuff in NL will be saved and normal as u were cracked and yes premium accounts can play in cracked and premium.
Server Staff
@CrazyDave48 Like @Crackershoot said, as long as your bought account has the same username as your cracked account (remember, usernames are case-sensitive!), everything will stay the same.
Thanks for the help guys! :D, although i may not buy Minecraft but the doubt is cleared so thanks again!
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