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How to activate your forum account

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Activate forum account
How do I activate my forum account?

Before you can use any of the forum functions, you need to activate your forum account first to confirm that you use your real Minecraft account. If you don't activate your account, you won't be able to use any forum function.

For you to activate your forum account, you'll need to follow the next few easy steps. If you do the exact same thing as shown down below, there is almost no way for you mess up.

Step 1.
Copy the 6 numbered code that the error message shows you. This image is an example of the error message:

Step 2.
Start Minecraft and join our network.
Stay in the lobby, the activation code only works there!

Step 3.
Typ the following command and paste your 6 numbered code behind it and press enter.
(paste in Minecraft: ctrl + v)

Step 4.
After pressing enter, you should get the following message:

If this is not the case, you either copied or pasted the wrong activation code,

After you confirmed your account, you should be ready to go. Just refresh the forum and you will be able to use it.

If you didn't use the right username on signup, you can still change this to your real username. Note that after you confirmed your account, there is no way of changing your account username ever again.
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