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Which of these causes lag?

Well, what i am asking is, does the "Epic world generator" generated world causes lag, or is it just the internet (and by lag, i don't mean fps lag, i mean like block lag or something whatever you call it), like seriously though, i have to wait atleast 10-15 seconds so that i can access chests, text and stuff. And damn i havent asked a question in like a month! so yea, that's it from me, Dont forget to Have fun and GO CRAZY
Server Staff
@CrazyDave48 I highly doubt that it's server lag. If the server would lag for 15 seconds, it would timeout and kick all the players. if other players aren't experiencing the same issues as you, it is most likely latency lag aka lag caused by your internet speed.
Well i think tha the problem is yuors i dont have any problems Dave !!
p.s ill keep crazy
Yea probably mine, But the only thing is that i never had lag this bad before the Epic World Gen :/ well i have to deal with my potato internet and go crazy then XD
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