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Server Rant(Me saying what's missing in the server)


Okay, so when you vote, you get a crate key, and what's a crate key for? Well, obviously opening a crate. But the problem is, the crate has ****. I mean, who would want to get three porkchop or 16 wool for voting? Like, come on, we can only vote like 5 times a day and the prizes are literally junk, like you wouldn't progress even a little with the prizes! And that leads to vote party, no one wants to vote without someone spamming "hey guys vote for vote party". I mean, the voteparty crate has reasonable prizes, but the vote? nahhhh.

Spawners in Shop
Shop was good before, and still today, just not that good. There are some things missing, like spawners, dragon's breath etc. And yes, the most important part, spawners! Why can't people buy spawners? You can put them at a high price like 2k, 1k etc. We don't want to mine for a straight hour just for a spawner, who wants that? The most common spawner right now is the cave spider one, which you can find a couple or more in a single mineshaft, but they're the worst mobs to farm! they can hit you even you're far from them. That's not the point, it's mojang who did that, but how do we get other spawners like pigman, iron golem, etc? Seriously, every other server out there sells spawners. Why not go with the flow?

Shop in general
So here's the thing: in servers, the best way to make money is to make farms, obviously. But that's not the case for this server, you can't even sell some of the farmable stuff, like sugar cane and cactus! Seriously, make every farmable object not sellable, just not those two! And other farmable objects like carrots, potatoes, wheat etc. sell for a very low price. Seriously, 64 of those just for 5 dollars? No way. If I was a farmer and someone made that deal in real life, I would basically call it a scam. The buy prices are good, just the fact that farmable stuff are too low or not sellable.

I'm not mad or anything, just want something to write while being productive at the same time xD
10/10 i agree mr cow
atleast someone actually said it in the forum

Server Staff
@SwagMC123 @penguinpatroller Since I don't have time to comment on everything you mentioned, I'll just keep it at this: You are not obligated to stay. If you don't like how we run our servers, feel free to leave. You mentioned 'other servers', why not go there if you don't like ours?

We do things like we do for a reason, no need to question every decision we make. Just know that survival will be getting way harder soon. If you don't want to 'survive' and just want to buy everything, this won't be the server for you. Spawners will never be sold, it makes the game way too easy. We might change a few vote rewards, but I can't promise anything.
Swag i agree with poep if we could buy spawners the game wouldnt be that interesting and it would be easy
for example i know that some of you have much(50.000+) money i dont want to say who!!! so the game would be easy for them. In spite of this you can buy the last spawner and exchange them!
Swag i disagree with all except for the voting
lmao neb
The vote prize and vote party is a good idea, but the buying spawners are more for OP Factions, basically OP any server in general, this survival server doesn't seem to be OP to me, its more challenging, which means more fun in my opinion, IDK about others, and the cave spider thing where they can hit us from far away, if you're using glass panes or fences, DON'T USE THOSE, use cobble walls, they have bigger hit box means they wont be able to hit us from as far as they can at the moment, well anyway i'm out, cya on the server
Swag, I get what you are saying. The vote rewards that you got helped a little more before the update because now you have a more likely chance of getting more basic items from the vote crate. I don't agree with buying spawners for that same reasons that others have already voiced but also mainly because I think most things should be gathered anyway to truly survive (although I love using the shop and spending the money I earn >~<) Poep, I don't think that Swag was saying anything about leaving the server for another (NLG is the best anyway <3) but just comparing the different things other servers are doing in mass with their shops.
Swag, the vote idea is good.
But... NLGVNL has the best survival server out there, I played it for 1 year and I did never get bored or anything
And if it has some bad things that's not a problem cuz every server has something that players don't like.
Anyway I think Fabian is trying to make the server unique, and he's succeeding in that, but after all his just a human who can make some mistakes after all
And the spawners thingy isn't good neither unique it's just trash
I disagree :P
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