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My NLGVNL history

Server Staff
August 2014 - Joined the server for my verry first time. It was a cosy server with lots of awesome things. At that time I was a big noob, all I did was breed horses and mine, even tho my mine wasn't verry big I was verry proud of it.

February 2015 - After a long time not joining, I found the server again, the only reason I stopped was because I lost the IP, when I joined I had Emerald rank at that time I found out I could set more then one home, that I had /feed and /back and things like that. I was so amazed by the server so I started playing again.

First of March 2015 - It was my birthday and I didn't really know anything to get so I asked my parents to donate to the server, at first they didn't really agree but since I didn't know anything else, I donated 5 euro to the server.

March till August 2015 - The time flew by, before I knew it I had met so many amazing people and I was VIPemerald, it was so amazing, everytime I joined there were always people to meet.

September 2015 - At this time it was when I became something more then a donator, I became Moderator. It was so amazing, helping everybody that needed help.

September 2015 till July 2016 - Things were amazing, I really lost my life to the server, every single moment I had, I played on the server.

July 2016 - This was the month I started the build competition, it was something I had in my mind for some time. At first it was going to be something that wasn't going to happen every month but before I knew it I organised 10 build competitions. They were really amazing.

July 2016 till April 2017 - During this time I was enjoying minecraft so much, hanging around with the community, organising things like the build comp and the pvp comp, building the NLGVNL town with many great people. During that time I also became Admin, it was something I really enjoyed doing, helping the players with small or big problems, helping Fabian with some small things for the update. But to all great things have to come an end.

September 2017 - My interest to minecraft is really lost. The only reason I kept playing mc was for the amazing community. As people say, With great power, comes great responsibility, with the great power I didn't really play mc anymore. If I was online I made it so I didn't really have to think about Hunger or Thirst for which I feel kinda bad, even tho I never really played and only chatted.
September 2017 is also the month I stopped being a staff member on the server.

Edit: Im back and better than ever
Oh boi oh boi jarne my brother you've been there for me anytime on the server were my friend always didnt think this day would come ik what you mean by lost interest in mc hope you have a great future ill probably still talk to you a lot but farewell
This sucks, Big. You were by far the only friendliest staff in the server. The rest would just go about with their business but you'd always say hi whenever you're around.

I understand what you mean by losing interest with MC. I also feel that way towards the game and also the server because of the constant map reset. I don't get to play often so my progress is always slow. The next thing I know, just when I have finally got a base settled, things will get reset again lol.

Anyway, it was good while it lasted. I hope you all the best with your other endeavors and hopefully, we'll still see you in the server once in a while. Cheers, man! :)
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