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Minecraft 1.8, maybe it is time to say goodbye..

Server Staff
About a week or 2 ago, Minecraft version 1.8 was released. Hurray! We know that most of the players are excited about this, but for server owners it's a complete hell. In the following message I will explain to all of you why.

Some may know about this, some don't but that doesn't matter that much. At the end of August this year the Bukkit team, owners of Craftbukkit, announced that they stop with updating Bukkit.
Bukkit is (was) an open-source project that allowed people to run a Minecraft Multiplayer server with plugins. For us (and for many many more) this news felt like an exploding bomb. We've used Bukkit for over one and a half year with alot of fun, but this fun kind of came to an end.

Our problem begins at this point. Because Craftbukkit stopped updating Bukkit, we are now forced to use Spigot (a different type of open-source project, similar to Bukkit). We know that Spigot is almost the same as Bukkit, but it does have some different features which does affect our server performance.
These different features also make it impossible to run certain plugins, and it might break our server worlds.

A few weeks after Craftbukkit announcing their stop, an old Bukkit Developer filed a copyright claim against Craftbukkit and Spigot, about them using his code without his permission. Apparently his claim was taken serious and the Bukkit and Spigot download page got taken down.
At the time of writing this post, the pages are still down.

Now, lets just put all the recent changed of Minecraft (servers) in a list:

- EULA doesn't allow servers to earn money anymore (well, they do but it's almost impossible now)
- Craftbukkit stopped
- Spigot and Bukkit are taken down
- Minecraft 1.7.9+ has blocked cracked servers from using skins
- Microsoft bought Mojang
- Small servers get less players online every day

When I read this list, the only thing I see is: Minecraft is about to die.
The last point is also something that is hurting our server. We get less players every day. About half a year ago, our server used to have 50+ players online every day, this has now dropped to just 15+ players.

We've done a lot of thing to prevent this from happening, but we failed. We literally tried everything, adding minigames, adding worlds etc.

We will try to fix this problem one more time with an upcoming update, but if this doesn't work, we might have to say goodbye to you guys. Keeping a paid server online for just only a few players is a waste of time and money.
Hopefully you guys understand this from our point of view, but if you don't, that's okay.

Please note that the update might require us to delete our old maps, but we are not sure about this.
But now I need to stop writing this post, and start working on th update because there is still a lot of work to do. We expect the update to be done next week, but it might be sooner, it might also be later, we just don't know.

Thank you all for reading, and i'll see you guys next time!
- Fabian
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