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Going from a server to a network

Server Staff
The last couple of weeks, our server suffered from big lag spikes, errors and crashes. We tried everything to fix these problems, but nothing worked.
We noticed that players are really getting frustrated because of these problems, and so do we.

First of we were planning on just finding a new host and starting from scratch again, but we've found a different solution that's way better than the old plan.

Oh, you want to know what the plan is right? Well, we decided that we would make a Bungeecord server, which means that we get multiple servers and connect them to each other with a proxy.
This is very useful when it comes to server performance, and it also gives us the option to add new things.

Currently we're running on 1 6GB server, but soon we will have 3 servers (lobby, build server and minigames server) which will have 13GBs in total.
Running on Bungeecord and having multiple servers also makes are server a network, so soon it won't be the NLGameVideosNL Server, but the NLGameVideosNL Network. Awesome right!

There are only a few downsides to this, which I will describe down below.

Map reset
As you can guess, the server data takes a lot of space, but did you know that the full size of the server data is about 30GB big?!
Cause of this, downloading and uploading the data will take ages, which is simply not possible for us to do.

Therefore we decided to just delete everything and start all over again. And yes, everything will get deleted, except for the ranks and play time.
We can't save anything else, just because the files are too big for us to upload.

Some people may like this, some don't. But don't worry, you will all start with a good starters kit and 500$ in-game cash.

New plugins / Changed plugins
At the moment, there are some plugins that are buggy and that prevent us from playing 'normal'. To fix this we had to remove some plugins or replace them with others.

One of them was GriefPrevention. This plugin provided us with a claim system for survival, anti spam plugin and a (disabled) pvp log system.
This plugin will get replaced with a different claim plugin and an anti spam plugin. We're not sure yet which plugins we will use now, but we can ensure you that they will be just as good, but less buggy :)

We will also add some new plugins, which are made by me (Fabian).

- An inventory shop plugin, where you can buy and sell almost every item / block.
- A server selector in the lobby, which makes changing servers easier.
- A Particle pack in the lobby, this will allow you to have a nice particle effect right above your head with every step you take.
- A warp compass in the build and minigames server, this makes picking a world/minigame easier.

This will make your game experience slightly better, which of course if good!

Different ranks per server
Currently if you reach a certain amount of playtime, your rank will get changed in every world. In the new server, things will change a bit.

Because of running multiple servers, we can't use the same playtime database in every server. Therefore we will only have the playtime rank-ups in the build worlds (Survival, Factions and Creative).
The Minigames server and Lobby will have different ranks. On the minigames server you will rank-up based on your game skills and tokens, which I will explain in a later post.

VIPs and Donators will keep their rank in EVERY server, so don't worry about losing your paid ranks. Also, the curreny playtime and ranks in the build worlds won't get reset, just to keep it fair.

World based chat
Because we will be running multiple gamemodes / minigames per server, we need to separate one world from another. This also means that the chats will only be shown per world, so for example, if you say
something in survival, players in factions can't see it.

There will be a feature soon where you can cross-server chat with other players in private message, but developing this will take some time.

Now I will stop writing and start configuring the server files, so that the new server can go live at Sunday, the 8th of March.

Have a nice gaming time!

- Fabian (poepjejan1), NLGameVideosNL Owner
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