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Server rollback and host switch

Server Staff
Well guys, as you might know, some bad things happened yesterday. Our old host, TrueWorldGaming (no longer exists), closed our servers out of nowhere.
In the following message i'm going to explain to you all what happened yesterday and what we've done to fix it.

As I stated above, TrueWorldGaming closed our server yesterday without prior notice.
They (TWG) got hacked last month, resulting in the loss of about 50% of their data and servers, ours not included. Because of this hack, their website and some control panels were down with no way for them to recover it.

Because they lost 50% of their server and data, about 800 people asked their money back. As a result: Their bank account went empty and their PayPal account got blocked.
A simple way of telling it: They went bankrupt cause of the hack.

The host posted a message on Facebook telling everybody what happened and when their remaining servers would die. Ours was set to the 7th of May.
But as you can guess, they did not keep their promise, as it is not the 7th of May yet, but they did close their servers.

Because they closed them without notifying us, I didn't have a chance to make a recent backup, resulting in me having to upload an older backup, which is from the 9th of April, almost 2 weeks ago.

When I found out that our server was down (Yesterday at 7:58AM), I right away tried to get in touch with the host, but they deleted both their facebook page and their twitter account, so I couldn't contact them anymore to try to get our data back.
A few hours later I got in touch with a help desk employee on Skype, who said that they lost all control over their servers, and that there's no way for them to retrieve our data.

Somewhere at 14PM, I started looking for a new host and found one. I bought a new Bungeecord server and a 8GB server for the build worlds (2GB more than before) and started uploading the backup, which took me about 3 and a half hour to upload (due to the 10mbps upload limit they have).
Now today after some test, we finally could open the network again.

Please remember that 2 weeks of data have been lost, including ranks, play time, buildings and items. All VIPs and Donators should contact us right away if they lost any of their ranks and / or items.
As of now, you guys can play again, but yeah, you have to redo 2 weeks of hard work. I don't like it either, but there's nothing we can do about it.

All I can say it that it was partially my fault, because I forgot to make a recent backup, but I just did not expect the host to just close the servers without letting us know about it first.

Now just have fun, and try to forget about everything that happened.

- Fabian (poepjejan1), NLGameVideosNL
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