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Upcoming Network update!

Server Staff
UPDATE: The update will be delayed till the 7th of June. The new spawn will be added today!

As you may guess from just reading the post title, we are going to sort of update the server. With 'update' we do not mean a version change, but just some simple changes to the servers, like maps and plugins.

Somewhere at the end of next week, we will change / add (most) things of the list down below:

New main lobby spawn:
The main server lobby will get a new look. Instead of having the same spawn as the build and minigames servers have, we will add a
brand new custom made spawn with a fresh new style. This spawn will be a floating island with big mountains surrounding it. It will have add
big logo with 'NLGameVideosNL' on it high in the sky, which will light up at night.

A lot of people asked us to add this plugin, so here it is: SkyBlock. The plugin will be a standard SkyBlock plugin with an integrated 9-slots in-game store where
you can buy some of the most important items that you'll need during your stay in the SkyBlock world. The spawn that we will use for SkyBlock has been made by a staff member
and fully fits the new main lobby spawn.

Creative removal:
The creative world already has been down for a few weeks now, but after the update, it will be gone again forever. The PlotMe plugin is partially broken, and required a lot of
free RAM, as it needs to have 2 jar files loaded, which are basically 2 plugins who interact with each other. The whole creative mode also didn't get used a lot, so keeping it
with a broken plugin is a waste of space that we can also use for other things, like SkyBlock.

With the update, we will probably also open the parkour 'minigame' at the minigames server. This will basically have multiple stages that you need to complete in order to do the final
map where you will earn some GameTokens, which I will tell you more about later.

More KitPVP kits:
KitPVP has 4 kits so far, which all have their special abilities and potions. With the update, we will add like 1 or 2 more kits to the plugin that you can use during the intense battles.

New SkyWars maps:
The SkyWars minigame is really popular on our network. Most people who play minigames play the SkyWars minigame. We have about 6 different maps, but we will add 1 or 2 more maps with the update.
Just so you all know, the SkyWars plugin is outdated, but I, Fabian (poepjejan1), keep adding new things and fixing bugs all the time.

GameTokens and Minigames ranks: (not included in the update)
The Minigames server doesn't have any real ranks and ranking system yet. Soon, we will add out own custom made ranking system for this server, which uses Tokens to determine what rank you are.
Tokens can be earned by killing people at KitPVP and SkyWars, and can also be earned by completing Parkour stages. Don't forget that you can also lose tokens, which will downgrade your rank again.

You can lose tokens by getting killed in KitPVP and SkyWars, but also from failing a parkour map time after time.

Vote reward plugin:
Currently we use GiveAnythingListener as our rewarding system for people who vote. This plugin gives the same rewards all the time, with a small chance of getting some more money if you get a 'lucky vote'.
After the update, this plugin will be replaced with VoteRoulette. The plugin gives a random reward every time you vote, which will make voting more fun for the players, and motivating them again to vote.
(voting for our servers helps us getting more players)

Network forum:
Soon you can find a fully custom made forum on this website, where you can discuss all sorts of things with your fellow players and talk to staff members if you have a problem and you are in need of help.
This forum has all the things that you expect from a forum, just in our own way. Before you can really use the forum, you need to confirm that your filled in username really is your Minecraft username.
If you don't confirm your username, you simply can't use any forum function, which would be a shame of course.

Note that the forum is a beta version, and that you can expect things to not work / not work properly. YOu can report any bugs to us using our contact form.

So this are most of the things that will get added/removed/changed with the update. Thanks for reading the post, and as always, have a fun gaming experience!

- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL Network owner
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