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Just a quick update message; What we're working on.

Server Staff

Hey there Minecrafters, it has been a while since I've posted something but now it's time for a quick update message. I will be talking about current network problems, new features and much more.

This thread is not that important, but I just want to let you all know what we're currently working on.

To clear things up about me:
For some reason, people think that I don't care about the network anymore. This short section is just for people who think this, so if you're one of them, please read this:

The statement that I don't care about the network anymore is 100% false. I work my *** off for the network, but some problems are just bigger than others and take longer to get fixed.

It's true that I don't like playing Minecraft anymore myself, but that doesn't mean that I just abandon the network. I still like to manage the network just so other people can have fun. If it wasn't for the players, the network would have been offline for a long time now.

Just a quick example of how many time I spend working on the network: The custom /login plugin already took over 20 hours (of ~4 days) of my spare time, which I also could've spend on other things but instead I spend it on the network.

I know that the servers are having some big problems, but I can't spend every minute on maintaining the network. Searching for the cause of lag, errors or crashes takes a lot of time and when I eventually find the problem, it's not easy to find the right fix. Things like this take time.

Main lobby:
As you probably already know, our Minecraft network is a cracked network and because of this everybody can use any account to join the network with. To prevent people from stealing each other's account, we installed a plugin that makes every player register.

After about 2 years of using this plugin, we stumbled upon a few problems, one of them being that the plugin is causing our lobby to crash a lot of times a day. The cause of this is that the file which holds all the passwords, is getting too big for the plugin the read without causing lag.

Because of this problem, I decided to create my own authentication plugin, named BasicAuth, It does every basic thing that the current plugin does, but I left out a lot of unused functions, like mail recovery, database support, forum support etc. I also created 6 smaller database files instead of 1 big file, in which the names are stored alphabetically like file 1 contains the names starting with A till E, file 2 contains from F till J etc. This way it's easier for the plugin to loop through the passwords, cause it has to loop through a lot less passwords.

The plugin is not 100% done yet, but I expect it to be done within a week from today.

Build server:
You might have notices that our SkyBlock server has been disabled for a week now, but there's a reason to it.
The plugin - yes, a plugin problem again - we use is causing memory leaks, which eventually makes the server lag and crash. No, I won't make my own SkyBlock plugin this time, but I'll just search for a newer, better one than the one we are currently using.

I'm not 100% sure if SkyBlock will come back, but in case it won't we will add the creative server again.

Minigames server:
Again, like the previous problems, this one is also caused by plugins. Our minigames server has kind of been abandoned for a while which is now taking its toll. The minigames server crashes quite often, simple because of plugin problems.

The SkyWars plugin has been disabled due to a broken plugin, and the KitPVP one is now also starting to act weird. Just like with the build server problem, I'll search for new plugins which will eventually replace the broken plugins, making the minigames server work again.

For now, just enjoy the time the server is up and notify me when problems start to appear.

Our network has some plugin issues, but I'm working on fixing them. Serious problems will be fixed first and the smaller ones will come last. Currently the /login plugin comes first, leaving no time left to work on other things. When this plugin is done, I will start working on other problems.

Well, that's about it.

Thanks for reading, have fun mining!

- Fabian

I'm sure you will be able to fix all the issues.

Well we are helping you get programming experience as well as manager experience are we not? =-P

We should get cookies for that.
Fabian you can't do everything alone you need other people to help you so you can finish faster i know that it's only you who is able to do the plugins issues but i think admins can do something to decrease the issue.
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