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Let's talk about the upcoming 1.9 network update

Server Staff

Hi there Minecrafters, as you all probably know, Mojang recently release Minecraft 1.9 which added a lot of new things to the game. In this post I want to explain a few things about out upcoming update to 1.9.

"When will you update the server to 1.9?!"

The answer is: I don't know yet. Before every server update there are certain things that need to be done and checked to make sure the new version will work properly. To give you an example, all plugins need to be updated to 1.9 and need to be tested to make sure they work withoug throwing errors in the console or causing bugs ingame.

This is just a small part of what needs to be done before we can actually update the server.

"Are you going to reset the maps?!"

Just like the previous question, this is a question we also get often and the answer is also the same: I don't know yet.

Our last map reset was more than half a year ago and during this period the worlds have been absolutely destroyed. Wherever you look, all you see is destroyed land and broken/unfinished/abandoned houses. Old players already have everything and new players have no place to start cause it's so crowded everywhere.

One very important factor is: will the worlds still work with the new version? The maps might break like they did before but they might also just work perfectly fine.

We just don't know yet. IF we do decide to reset the server, we will announce this prior to the reset and we will make sure you get something in return for the lost data.

Not all plugins are updated yet

Like I said in the text above, before we can update to a newer version of Minecraft, all plugins need to be updated. Right now, that's not the case yet. Some very important plugins like GriefPrevetion are not update yet. It's not a really big problem that they are not update yet cause they still work, but I rather wait till everything is update instead of running on plugins that 'are probably working but I'm not sure'.

I expect the non-updated plugins to get an update very soon. Most of the plugins are already updated and support 1.9, including our custom made plugins.

The autorank plugin will be replaced by a custom made one.

Ever since we updated the network to version 1.8, we could no longer update the Autorank plugin due to it only supporting UUIDs and not normal usernames. We already used Autorank way before 1.8 which saved the data per username but because the 1.8+ versions convert the usernames into UUIDs, it doesn't work anymore like it used to and data will get lost.

This is the reason why we are currently still using an outdated version. Sadly, with the 1.9 update the plugin is broken and will force us to update to a newer version which, like I said, doesn't work on cracked servers.

Because we don't just want to throw away the data and think of something else to give players ranks, I decided to create my own autoranking plugin just like I did with the registration plugin. The plugin is already done and works just like Autorank did. The only difference is that it still uses usernames instead of UUIDs.

When we update the network to 1.9, the new command to access the autoranking plugin will be /branker or /br (which stands for BasicRanker, like BasicAuth being our /register plugin).

The End

The 1.9 updated completely changed the way the End works and what can be found there. As most of you already know, we currently have disabled the End cause it doesn't really have a purpose right now. I know that a lot of people are looking forward to having the End enabled but I'm not sure yet if this will actually happen.

The reason for this is because the Survival and Factions world share the same End. To prevent people from cheating and moving money, items or other things from Survival to Factions or vice versa, a lot of tests need to be done to make sure everything works properly.

Because the End is not a real priority right now, I don't think that we will enable the End right away after the update. If it will get enabled, it will probably happen a few days after the update.

That's it for now guys. I know that the post is not the best post I've ever written, but I had to write this in a hurry. Make sure to check back here a few time because the information might still change.

Thanks for reading and for being understanding that we are working on the 1.9 update but that it just takes time.

Have fun playing on the network!
- Fabian
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