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Network update to version 1.9.2

Server Staff


Hi guys, a month has passed since you last heard from me about the network update but today I got some great news: We are ready to update to 1.9.2!

In the following post you can get some insight on the upcoming update.

Both the Factions and Survival servers will get a reset. This means that everything you've build, mined, raided, stolen, etc. will be gone.

Why? Well there are a few reasons why:
  • The worlds are getting too big in file size. Both maps take up several Gigabytes of storage, which is a lot.
  • There is nearly no free space left to build.
  • Every player has done every possible thing to do in the world. The fun of playing in these worlds is gone.
  • The worlds are ugly. Everywhere you look there are broken buildings, holes in the floor, floating trees etc.

We might make the previous worlds downloadable, but we're not sure about this yet.

So, you kind of understand us now right? Okay, good.
Both servers will get a new world created with a new seed, so there will be a whole new landscape to explore.

All your mcMMO skills you've earned over the past months will be deleted. This also has a few reasons, but our main reason is that it's just not fun to start in a new world with max upgraded mcMMO stats.

New AutoRanking plugin
Ever since we updated the network to version 1.8, we could no longer update the Autorank plugin due to it only supporting UUIDs and not normal usernames. We already used Autorank way before 1.8 which saved the data per username but because the 1.8+ versions convert the usernames into UUIDs, it doesn't work anymore like it used to and data will get lost.

This is the reason why we are currently still using an outdated version. Sadly, with the 1.9 update the plugin is broken and will force us to update to a newer version which, like I said, doesn't work on cracked servers.

Because we don't just want to throw away the data and think of something else to give players ranks, I decided to create my own autoranking plugin just like I did with the registration plugin. The plugin is already done and works just like Autorank works, the only difference is that it still uses usernames instead of UUIDs.

After the update, the new command to access the autoranking plugin will be /branker or /br (which stands for BasicRanker, like BasicAuth being our /register plugin).

Please note that you won't lose any progress as the current data will be converted and used by the new plugin.

New KitPVP plugin
Since we added the minigames server to our network, we have been using the plugin 'KingKits' to provide the players with kits. Because this plugin has added a lot of features that we won't ever use and because it's somewhat buggy, I decided that it was time to create a custom KitPVP plugin.

This plugin will work together with Essentials, but won't fully rely on it. The custom KitPVP plugin will take care of the Armor, potions, effects etc. and Essentials will take care of the items (minus the potions of course). It will also edit the death messages, making the KitPVP server look more professional.

The plugin will work just like KingKits (with a GUI) and has working signs so you can easily change kits if you need to. Please keep in mind that it's still a béta plugin, so there might still be some bugs left unnoticed.

Soon we will also add another type of PVP minigame named "PotionPVP". The name kind of gives it away, but this gamemode will be PVP just like KitPVP where you can only use potions and effects to kill each other. More info about this will follow.

New AntiBot + AntiSpam plugin
A while ago our network got attacked by a group of people who used proxy reconnect bots to try to crash our servers. The difference between those attacks and our 'regular' attacks is that they kept attacking us all day long.

Because our previous anti-bot system enabled a 'whitelist', preventing everybody from joining during an attack, almost no players could join for 2 whole days. To fix this issue I created a brand new anti-bot plugin (AntiBot-v2) which keeps the bots out and lets normal players still join during an attack.

This plugin also has a built-in antichat- & command spam feature. I added this because I was sick of new players joining the lobby and spamming their server IP, YouTube channel etc. If you just play normally, you shouldn't notice anything of this protection.

The End
Minecraft 1.9 completely changed the way the End works and what can be found there. As most of you already know, we currently have disabled the End cause it doesn't really have a purpose right now. I know that a lot of people are looking forward to having the End enabled but I'm not sure yet if this will actually happen.

The reason for this is because the Survival and Factions world share the same End. To prevent people from cheating and moving money, items or other things from Survival to Factions or vice versa, a lot of tests need to be done to make sure everything works properly.

Because the End is not a real priority right now, I don't think that we will enable the End right away after the update. If it will get enabled, it will probably happen a few days after the update.

More will follow:
This network update is just a version update and reset, it doesn't contain new exciting features or anything... it's just a version change. After the update I will start working on new features, minigames, ranks, maps etc.

Now when is the update?!:
The update will be at the 23rd of April (this week saturday) from ~10AM CEST till about ~12AM / 1PM CEST. During that time you can still join the lobby, just not the minigames and build servers.

If you have any questions regarding the update, just post them below or contact me on skype at "nlgamevideosnl".

Thanks for reading, now have a fun time on the server!

- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL Network Owner

P.S. a part of this post had been copied from a previous post.
1) What About the nether, will you enablel it?
same this about tnt will it be enabled?
will the elytra end other new end things be in shop
Server Staff
@reymond I really have no idea if we will enable to nether. I'm not even sure yet if we will enable the End or not.
@justkillthem Yes, most of the new items (except for arrows and potions) will be added to the shop.
Fabian will the tnt Get enabled???
Server Staff
Of course not :P
Server Staff
@reymond TNT won't get enabled, this has been disabled since the beginning of NLGameVideosNL. It will only destroy the landscape even quicker, will produce lag and it will give griefers another way to destroy buildings.

Sorry :/
Mr. poep will you add some new warps in 1.9.2 update??Like ./warp pvp or /warp nether or some other warps .. :D
Server Staff
@LaxerEmerald We won't add new things to the server yet (except for the updated custom plugins), this is just a version change and reset.
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