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I'm taking a short break

Server Staff

Hey guys, with this post I want to let you all know that I'm taking a short 'break' from adding new things to the network including an explanation to why.

During the last few month I've been working very hard on improving the server and keeping everything running. As a normal player you might not have noticed this, but I know that the staff members sure did.
I don't mind working on the server, not at all actually as it's kind of a hobby of mine, but as you might figure; if you keep doing the same thing every single day it'll start to get 'boring' as some point.

I added a lot of new plugins, custom made ones. Some of them even form the core part of our server. Take the registration plugin (BasicAuth) and autoranking (BasicRanker) plugins as examples.
Every custom made plugin takes up about 30 hours of work, some less and some even double the amount depending on what its function is. The plugins need to be tested properly as well, which also takes up a good 5 hours. Then bug fixing, add another 2 - 3 hours.
As you can see, a single plugin takes up a lot of time to say the least.. and we have about 15 of them, so yeah...

Server versions:
In a short time, Mojang released multiple new versions of Minecraft going from 1.8 to 1.10. Every version change takes a lot of preparation and testing. All plugins have to work with the new versions without breaking something or causing errors.

We changed versions 2 times (1.8 to 1.9.2 and 1.9.x to 1.10.2). Sometimes I had to rewrite parts of custom plugins in order to make them compatible with the newer version. Just like with the custom plugins, it takes up a lot of time to get the update ready and to execute it at some point.

If you played on our server before the end of July, you would've noticed that our website design completely changed. It took me about 45 hours to create a prototype and another 60 to convert the old website into the new one.

Like with the custom plugins, I don't mind spending my time on these things at all but it left me no time to work on other things. I'm pretty happy with what the new website ended up looking like and I hope you, as a player/visitor are as well.

Nagging / complaining / fighting players:
As a server owner you have to deal with a lot of people. Most of them are great people, but there are always a few people who try to create the biggest mess you can think of and blow it for everybody else.

Think of players who constantly fight with others over the stupidest things. People who break rules all the time but always complain that they are unfairly banned, even though the banlist shows that they've been banned many times before. People who complain about the smallest things imaginable.

Having to deal with people like that every day is not fun at all to say the least. I can handle a lot due to my experience, but at some point you just get crazy cause of all that.

If you look at the whole picture as a player, I hope you can understand that at some point it becomes too much for me to handle and that I get angry at people who say that 'I don't do sh*t for the server anymore'. Yes, there are players out there who think that way.

I will still be online on Skype during the break and I'll also continue to fix bugs/broken plugins, just nothing new will be added in the next 2 weeks or so.

After the break you can expect to see the Crate Keys again. The plugin that we want to use hasn't been updated yet but I expect it to do so in a few days. You can also expect to see SkyBlock working again. I found a promising plugin, so I hope that it will work like I want it to work.

As for the TNT enable/disable discussion: I will enable it tomorrow August 9 but only in factions. You can't blow up more than 1 TNT block and it hasn't been configured for the usage during raids. It's just a test to see if the server can handle it. It if does, we'll look further into it.

Thank you for reading, have fun playing on the network :)
- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL Owner
Why does the 'tomorrow' have a line in it now? is it not getting enabled anymore?
Fabian you deserve the break and thanks for the hard work for making the server entertaining as possible, you've always been the best server owner and have fun while your taking a break :D
Have fun in your break, you really do deserve some distraction.
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