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Update to 1.11, money problems and upcoming updates.

Server Staff
Hey guys, it has been a while since I wrote the last update post. How are y'all doin'?
I'm going to talk about a few topics, some fun, some not so much. Lets go!

Update to 1.11

A few weeks ago, Mojang release the 1.11 update for Minecraft. Obviously, this meant that I had to update our network as well. It took me about a week to prepare for the update, mainly because not all of our plugins were updated/compatible to/with 1.11 yet.
Together with the version update, I added some new things to the network as well and I'm still working on some upcoming plugins (read more about it below).

One of the new plugins I've added to the server is the 'flight potion'. This is basically a custom potion that give you the ability to fly for a certain amount of time. You can earn these potions by voting. You either earn a 15 or 30 minute potion.
Another plugin I've added is the automated messenger (the 'kinda spammy :p' announcer in the chat). It shows all the players an important messages every 10 minutes.

The new Minecraft 1.11 items and mobs will get added to the in-game shop soon.

Donation/Money problems
As much as a hate talking about this topic, I really don't see any other way to fix the problem.

As you might have noticed, some recent added plugins and website changes have really been promoting our network store. Examples are the 'sale' banners and tags on the website, the boss bar in the lobby and the auto-messenger 'sale message'.
The reason for this is, we're simply 'running out of money' to pay our bills with. We are not really running out of money yet, but we're heading in that direction.

In the last 3 months, we haven't earned remotely enough to pay 1/5 part of a monthly network bill with. In the 3 years of running this network, this hasn't happened ever before.
Regardless of what we tried, nobody seemed to buy something in the store.

Like I said, as much as I hate to talk about money-related topics, I really don't see any other option. I'm not going to beg for money but I just want to inform you all that once we run out of money, I can't keep the servers online anymore.

Upcoming updates
As I haven't completely finished the 1.11 update, I will soon make sure to do so.

I will also add some new cool plugins to the network. One of them will be a pets plugin as you guys have been requesting for I don't know how long :P. The pet will basically follow you around wherever you go and the best thing is: you can even ride your pet.
Another plugin I'm going to add is an (XP)booster plugin. This plugin will pretty much increase or 'boost' the rate of which (mcMMO)XP and other things can be obtained. As I still have to develop the plugin, it will probably take a few weeks before I'm going to add it to the network.

Also, I'm going to expand the survival and faction world border from 15.000 x 15.000 blocks to 20.000 X 20.000 blocks. This will create new space for you guys to explore and build on.

Beside all these plugins, I'm also looking into some creative plots plugins. Yes you read that right, the creative world is likely to make a come-back! Adding the creative gamemode isn't really a
priority right now, so you should not expect to see it being added to the network anytime soon. I just thought I should let y'all know :D.

I'm also working on a few other things, but they are not really worth mentioning.

Thank you for reading the update post. I know it's not the best update post I've ever written, but it will do :p
Have fun playing on the network!

- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL Owner
Those updates seems really exciting :) Especially the part where Creative World might come back. I wish you good luck in making them. I am sorry that I can't donate (because I don't have a credit card ;-;), but I wish this server stays running as long as possible. But for all the rest I wish everything goes well :)
This sentence made me so happy xD: The new Minecraft 1.11 items and mobs will get added to the in-game shop soon.

i hope people will still donate money and stuff :(
i just want to thank you fabian for all the tings youre doing for the server and i hope it wont delete

these updates look nice btw as @Crackershoot said i like the creative thing as well.
well have a nice day all :P


Even though i'm not active in the server anymore i want it running, wish i could help this time.
Really cool updates @poepjejan1, hope you manage to complete all of them and add them so people have more fun on the server, wish you best of luck.
Till next time.

My guess why noone is buying anything from store is cuz... Its quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.
Rell may donate this, or the following month ^-^
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