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Custom Tekkit items in vanilla MC

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I'll post a real news thread soon. just wanted to show you guys what I'm working on right now. In a few weeks, you guys will see custom items and machines (mainly items/machines you see in Tekkit) being added to the survival server. To see these items you will need to download the server resource pack (promted after joining) - the textures won't replace any of the existing items. More soon!

wow what... bloody hell fabian always busy without us knowing :p #Hype
I love it :D
But we won't need a different launcher or anything, right?
Server Staff
@Blancch You don't need to download any special launcher to play survival, you only need to download the server resource pack just like you would on any other server that has a resource pack. Without the resource pack, you won't see the textures.
this looks interesting. I have no experience with this kind of gameplay, so I'm looking forward to experiment with it. :)
yooo those looks dope af give us a little sneakpeak of what those item can do ;)
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@penguinpatroller The items don't do anything yet, I've only added the textures and made sure they are stackable. However, the items will function pretty much the same as they would with Tekkit, so you can check the Tekkit wiki to see what they are for and/or do (note that only a few 'usages' will be implemented in the plugin):
also pipes??
Woah, build craft.

quarry would be nice o.o

pipes would lag tho
Fabian, you should've went with thermal expansion tho, it's kinda easier xD

and will you add ores to spawn in the world somehow or will you add recipes
Ok now, i have only one concern atm, will the resource pack be 32*32? or will it be the standard 16*16? and when will this thing be released, its like my suggestion for a modded server is coming true XD
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