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Upcoming Network update (1st of August)

Server Staff


Hello again, as you might have noticed from the huge banner above this line, there will be a network update soon. This update will include new plugins, new worlds and new minigames.

In the text down below you can read all about the next update, as I'll explain nearly everything.

Both the Factions and Survival world will get a reset. This means that everything you've build,
mined, raided, stolen, etc. will be gone.

Why you ask? Well there are a few reasons why:
  • The worlds are getting too big in file size. Some maps are up to 10GB of storage, which is a lot.
  • Almost everywhere are builds. There is nearly no free space left to build for new players.
  • Every player has done every possible thing to do in the world. The fun in playing is gone.
  • The worlds are ugly. Everywhere you look are broken buildings, holes in the floor, floating trees etc. This just gives the world a bad look.

So, you kind of understand us now right? Okay, good.

Both worlds will get a new world (new seed, both starting in plains), but only survival gets a new spawn.

All your mcMMO skills you've earned over the past months will be deleted. This also has a few reasons, but the main reason is just that there will be a new updated version of mcMMO, which doesn't support the old file type.

Also, playing in new worlds with max upgraded mcMMO stats is just not fun for players.

The new plugin will have a lot of bugfixes, so some old problems will be gone.

Per world money:
A new feature will be a per world money balance. Currently the same balance is shared across all worlds, but this will change with the update. Every player willl start with $400 in each world, and this balance cannot be shared across different worlds.

No need to find a bypass to do so, as it is really impossibe. Money you earn by voting will also get added to the current balance of the world you are in, so teleport to the world of choice first before voting!

VIP's, Donators and people who bought money addons will still get their money, just devided across all worlds.

KitPVP kits:
KitPVP will get 4 new kits. (don't remember the names :p) Not much to say about them, they are just awesome but won't be better than the already existing kits.

Crates keys:
As seen on all big servers: crate keys. With special keys, you can open crates (chests) which will give you a random reward. There will be 4 keys: Survival crate key, Factions crate key, SkyBlock crate key and a Lucky crate key.

The Survival, Factions and SkyBlock keys will give you items that are useful in that world, and Lucky keys will give you big awards, like diamond blocks, a lot of XP, lots of $$$, etc.

The chests will be at the spawns of each world. A holographic display will be hovering above them, saying something like 'Crate key chests'.

Please note that we are not familiar with this plugin, so if the rewards are kind of lame, please forgive us!

The many many many times required 'minigame' will be finally added to the Minigames server. Parkour. There will be 3 stages: easy, medium and hard, with each different levels.

Completing them will give you gametokens*.

Gametokens and Minigame ranks:
After the update, you can now earn gametokens and ranks on the minigames server. Each rank requires a specific amount of gametokens before you get that rank.

Gametokens can be earned by killing people in KitPVP and SkyWars, getting a high killstreak in KitPVP and completing parkour maps. More ways will get added soon, as the plugin is still in Beta mode. (custom plugin)

New items will be added to the donation store, including but not limited to:
  • SkyBlock biomes
  • Minigame tokens
  • Crate keys
  • Minigame kits

There will also be a 20% discount* at the 1st of August. From the 2nd till the 7th the discount will be lowered to 15%.

* total price must be at least €10,-

More RAM, permissions improvements and other small things:
During the update we'll add 2GB more RAM to our build server to handle more plugins. The permission plugin has been improved, which will now use less memory.

Soon new minigames will be added, including but not limited to:
  • OITQ (One In The Quiver, Custom made)
  • Splegg or Spleef (Custom made)

Now when is the update?!:
The update will be at the 1st of August (this week saturday) from ~10AM CEST till about ~12AM / 1PM CEST. During that time you can still join the lobby, just not the minigames and build servers.

If you have any questions regarding the update, just post them below. I will try to reply to all of them.

Thanks for reading, now have a fun time on the server!

- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL Network Owner
Will ranks also be deleted or will ranks stay?
Server Staff
@KT_Vengaul Ranks will stay the same, no playtime or ranks will be deleted with the update.

"* total price must be at least €10,- " The number is bugged :P

U made any test with keys plugin? Can explain it a little more? I mean, the "chests", spawn randomly on worlds, have a dedicated space (like old casino), or chests are in chat and u open them with commands?
Server Staff

Thanks for reporting the small bug, that's what copy and paste does to HTML characters :p
I've also added some more details about the chest locations in the post.
Thank you c:
hi, i have a suggestion... how about a teleporter to a specific biome?
example: i like desert, so, i woud like to build in desert, so, there is a teleporter to a nearest desert biome!!
this woud be great to just scatter players all around the building server, the building server is allways so cramped near spawn just because of that! its hard to begin game and go build on a realy far away land...
anyway, its an idea i had, just plaing the game, actualy...
i want to congratulate all staff because this server is the best i play so far! awessome job, people XD
do you get a keys by voting or you have to buy them???
Teleporters to specific biomes would be problematic to make and certain biomes would get slammed. Vip's and staff can just as easily fly and pull you to a spot to settle in a biome of your choice. Unless we or they are busy of course.

On another note.
I think we should just pull the trigger and do reset and update as soon as possible. For persons like me who had small ammounts of rage over hearing of this update/reset, as well as newcommers, we (speaking for myself and like minded individuals) just want to get going. Survival is in a 4 day limbo just waiting to DO something. I know there are reasons for waiting and logistical issues but an early update would not go unwelcomed.

In yet another sidenote. Sorry if I flipped out a little. Lets all go into this new page with a stone pick on out shoulders and a 2 lilitre of mountain dew by our desk.
Server Staff

Teleporting people to a specific biome nearby would have the same effect as people building all around the spawn. Within days the biomes will be filled with buildings.
Server Staff

You will get keys by voting but it's a random chance you'll actually get one, just like all the other items. Lucky keys will be very rare (<10%). YOu can also buy them ingame and in the server store soon. The server store item will contain mostly Lucky keys, but also keys for every world.
Server Staff
@hivemind We always pick a random date for our updates, but because there was so much we had to do, we picked the end of the month. Note that we started working on the update at the 1st of July, so we worked on it for a full month.
Yay a discount!!!

But... idont understand "total price must be at least €10" i am VipDiamond, if I want to upgradde to VipEmerald i wont be able?
@bruno0arizaga U can upgrade, but u dont get a disscount. Of course, you can add other things to cart, like the biome pack for 2.50€ and claim blocks, and the disscount will (or should) apply.
poepjejan1 said:
@hivemind We always pick a random date for our updates, but because there was so much we had to do, we picked the end of the month. Note that we started working on the update at the 1st of July, so we worked on it for a full month.

I totally and 100% realize this, I only speak of wishful thinking.
ooh ok, ty for the kind answer, but.. how about a map, here in forum of the entire survival area? that woud be realy cool :D
@issyra Issuing out a map is just as bad. It invites the same level of trouble as a portal would as well as taking away the joy of exploration. Just do my first suggestion of kindly asking the player community and we should all be fine.
@issyra Entire survival area? Thats 20.000x20.000 blocks (aprox).

Also, as hivemind says, that will make exploration useless, and thats one of the big points of Minecraft.
Server Staff
@issyra @hivemind @TheNazgul Adding warps, portals, images, etc. would take away the whole 'exploration' part of Minecraft. Mapping out the whole 20.000 x 20.000 area would also take a lot of server resources, causing it to lag and crash.

Just play the game like we all did before, exploring it ourselves and claiming parts when you find a nice biome / area you want to build on.
haha ok, i give up on make sujestions :P
come to think, u guys are right!
lol i just wanted to add something interesting, but, the way it all is, is fine also, realy fun server btw XD
but.. i have a sujestion to hive actualy.... @hivemind, why dont u build ur new huge house in the ocean? not a lot of people build there and u can easily expand to the sides, i dont want anyone trolling ur house as i see happening.... ure awessome XD
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