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It's been quite a while... what's next?

Server Staff
It’s been quite a while ago since I’ve last gave you an update about the status of ChunkCloud and if it’s coming back or not… and you really own an answer from me.

About a year ago now I closed the server stating that it would only be temporary. However, as the months passed by I didn’t find any time or excitement to continue to work on the server and bring it back.

First, the reason why I closed the server in the first place. After renaming the server from NLGameVideosNL to ChunkCloud, I wanted to make the server have something unique. I wanted to make ChunkCloud be different from NLGameVideosNL, where everything was kind of basic. To accomplish this I was busy thinking of cool new items and features I wanted to add, such as tiered monsters and souls. And boosters. And a new ranking system. And … you name it. In the end, I had a whole list of things I wanted to create, without having the time for it. Seeing the player base drop didn’t really motivate me either. Eventually, I just ran out of motivation and my mind just stopped coming up with creative ideas. I was stressed because of doing so many things at once which ultimately led to me simply closing everything and not looking at it for a year.

Now after playing so many different games over the past months, I really felt the urge to try out Minecraft again. So I did. Together with a friend I created a small private server, just to play some vanilla Minecraft. While playing, I started to kind of miss running a bigger server and giving something to other people to play on. This is why I decided to go back, rethink the things I want the server to be and to open it again sometime soon.

Since I currently am working as an intern, working 40+ hours a week for the next 15 weeks, it will be hard to find time to work on the server – as I don’t want to spend all the time I have on the server. If I don’t manage launch it within these 15 weeks, I have about 10 weeks of after that, giving me enough time to work on everything.

What exactly will change, be added or removed is still unknown. As Minecraft kind of got less popular over the months, the support from certain plugins for 1.13 and the upcoming 1.14 version dropped. This will either force me to swap plugins, or remove them completely. A full list of changed will be posted after I checked everything. I did post a list of things I want to change in our #announcements channel in Discord, however this list is not really valid anymore.

If you want to stay updated, join our Discord server at Also keep coming back to this post over the next few days, since I might add information which I left out at the moment.

This was just a heads up about the future of ChunkCloud - I hope to see you in Discord!
- Fabian
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