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ChunkCloud Re-release

Server Staff

The long awaited network re-release is finally here! On August 1st, 2019, ChunkCloud Network will be back online for all of you to enjoy. It took a while - actually well over a year - but, as promised, ChunkCloud is back!

Expect the survival realm to release at the beginning of August, with SkyBlock and CaveBlock following shortly after. The Survival realm will release as beta, as some features won't be fully completed yet. As many things have changed, I will describe the changes as bullet points. It will be a pretty long read, so... be prepared!

Join our Discord server for more preview images and to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Worlds, Claiming & PvP:
▪ The overworld will be generated by the same generator as our 1.12.2 world. The generator has been updated to 1.14, which means all structures found in the aquatic update, as well as the villager & pillager update can be found in the world.
▪ PVP will be enabled outside of claims. Combat log will be enabled, meaning that if you log out during combat, you will instantly die and drop your loot.
▪ The nether world will no longer be a small custom island, but instead be a regular vanilla world. It will also no longer be reset every month, allowing you to claim parts of the nether and build your base there.
▪ The end world will have a portal which leads to the midlands & highlands, allowing you to find end structures. The end world will reset every couple of weeks, along with the midlands & highlands. Claiming won't be enabled as usual, however PVP remains enabled.
▪ The claiming system (with claim blocks) remains the same, however it will be customized over time. A part of the plugin has already been customized, but it will take a bit longer to fully customize it.

▪ The regular player ranks have been changed in terms of perks and upgrade requirements. With the old ranking system, playtime was the only criteria on which your rank was based. This is no longer the case. With the new system, your playtime, account balance and mcMMO stats all determine if you can rank-up or not. To open the ranks menu, use the command /ranks.
▪ Every player will start fresh - all playtime has been removed. The new playtime system is devided in 2 parts: a global playtime and a rank playtime. Rank playtime resets with every rank upgrade and is added to your global playtime. Both stats can be viewed with /profile.
▪ Premium ranks have been updated to match the new server features, along with the 1.13 and 1.14 changes.

▪ A new booster system has been added to the server. This system allows players to activate different type of boosters, which increase the amount of EXP/Money/Points are earned from specific tasks. Both personal and global boosters will be available. Multiple boosters can be activated at the same time. If a global booster of a specific type is already active, the duration will be increased with the time of the activated booster. To open the boosters menu, use the command /boosters.
▪ Boosters can be dropped by monsters, earned from crates and purchased from the server store.
▪ The following boosters will be available: Jobs EXP, Jobs Money, mcMMO EXP and Shop Sell Money.

In-game shop:
▪ The in-game store (also known as the merchant) has been partially re-developed. Previously you could only buy a pre-defined amount of any item in the store, but with the new update you will be able to select your own amount. To open the shop, use the command /shop or /merchant.
▪ Sell wands have been added, allowing you to sell the content of any chest and trapped chest which is claimed by you. Sell wands can be used a specific amount of times after which it breaks. A multiplier can also be present, which increases the amount of money you receive. Multipliers will usually only be present on special sell wands, earned from ranks or crates. Both the multiplier and amount of uses left can be viewed in the lore of the item.

▪ With the introduction of boosters, a Sell Booster has been added as well. This sell booster basically does the same thing the Sell Wand multiplier does, expect for a limited amount of time with a higher multiplier.

Monsters (BETA):
▪ The 'leveled monster' system has been replaced with a different system, which spawns monsters based your own tier. Your tier will increase with every monster kill (except spawner kills) and decrease on every death.
▪ Some monsters can have special skills, both defensive and offensive. These spawn randomly and only take up around 20% of all spawned monsters. They can be identified by the end rod particle effect.
▪ More custom items have been added which can be dropped by the monsters. The higher the tier, the higher the chance of good loot being dropped.
▪ Souls will still be dropped and can be used to buy custom enchants and cursed souls. The cursed souls will spawn tier 50 and above monsters (bosses) with multiple special attacks. Defeating a boss will reward you with lots of good loot. To use your souls, use the command /witch.

Hydration System:
▪ The hydration system has been improved. The drain rate has been nerfed, meaning it will take longer for you to become dehydrated. A new action bar has been added as well, which shows your hydration level as if it was part of the regular Minecraft GUI. The action bar can be disabled in the /settings menu.
▪ A larger purified jar has been added, allowing you to carry even more purified water. The purified jar can be crafted in the same way the large bottle is crafted, except with large glass bottles instead of regular bottles. Water can now also be purified above campfires.
▪ It will be possible to competely disable the hydration system if you wish to play a more vanilla Minecraft. You will not be penalized in any way. If you want a more challenging Minecraft experience, we advise you to leave it enabled. The hydration system can be disabled in the /settings menu.

▪ A additional currency has been added to the server, named CloudCoins. CloudCoins can primarily be earned from voting and can be exchanged for awesome items in the /coins store.
▪ The CloudCoins store won't be available right away during the release, however it will be possible to already earn coins.

▪ A new set of particles & particle styles have been added, of which most were added during the 1.13 and 1.14 updates. The particle styles will change the way particles spawn around the player.
▪ Arrow trails have been added. When shooting a critical arrow (bow pulled all the way back), a particle trail will be visible. Currently 8 trails will be available, with more to be added soon.
▪ New title/tags have been added.
▪ A cosmetics menu has been added, which can be accessed with the /cosmetics command.

Voting & Vote rewards:
▪ The vote rewards have been improved, along with the bonus rewards. Aside from the regular rewards, you will be rewarded 1 CloudCoin for each vote.
▪ Topvoter rewards have been improved as well. The top 2 voters will be rewarded store coupons, top voter 3 will receive additional CloudCoins. The store coupons will be given to the top voters in-game and will be valid for 1 month only.

Website & Forums:
▪ As you might have noticed already, the design and layout of the website has been changed to better match our logo colors and server GUIs.
▪ The server store has been slightly changed, with the biggest changes being the introduction of the 'coupon code' and the removal of IBAN payments. The category page also slightly changes and now has 2 different type of categories: one with pictures and one with a basic list of products.
▪ The forums has also been changed. To register a new forum account, you'll need to join the server and use the /forum command. This will generate a link for you, where you can finalize your registration.

Discord changes & Account syncing:
▪ Our Discord server has been partially revamped; Roles and permissions have been changed/fixed, channels have been added and removed and bots have been added/changed.
▪ Sync your Minecraft account with your Discord account to receive your in-game ranks in our Discord server as well. Synced members will gain access to using external emojis in chat. To sync your account, use the /discord command in the server.

▪ Changes made to network-related features will be posted in the #changelog channel by our new bot, ChunkCloud-Bot. This bot is a custom made bot, which also manages account syncing.

▪ Flight time will no longer be lost when leaving the server. All of the remaining minutes will be saved and automatically re-applied when you rejoin the server. If a flight potion is active while going into combat mode, the potion will pause. If you are the player initiating a fight while flying, you will be penalized.
▪ Report players in-game with the /report command. Reports will be sent to the staff in Discord. Abusing the report system will result in being banned from the server yourself.

I hope to see you all again soon during the re-release!
- Fabian
Can not wait to get back together with my old mates :)
Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this server Fabian!

See you in SV
ya boi - Chillax
(previously xX_CHILLAX_Xx)
Now I am really excited to start grinding in the server. I can tell that boredom will not be a thing inside the server because of its many nice features.

I really can not thank you enough Fabian for how much time and effort you have put in the server and the site, we really appreciate everything you do and please continue being amazing.

Hope to see everyone back in CC soon.
~ Crackershoot
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