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Massive server update today

Server Staff
Today, we've performed a 2 hours maintenance. Over the last couple of weeks, we were thinking about switchingserver hosts, changing server settings/plugins and even about deleting the server completely. Every day we were busy with having staff meetings about how we can change the server into a good, fun running server. We came to the conclusion that we needed to change a ton of things, which we also did.

Therefore we started building, changing and adding things a few days ago. The changed/added things were discussed over and over again, until we all agreed to the plans.

The things we changed/added are:

- A new server spawn
The new spawn has a great design with clay, wool and quartz all in one. It has 4 floating portals, one to the survival world, one to the creative world, one to the new pvp world and one to a whole new information building.

- Information building
We've made this info buildings because we got a lot of the same questions over and over again, for example "What are the server rules?", "How do I rank up?" and "What are the server warps?". To make it easier for the players, and also for the staff, we created a building with (almost) all the information of the server in it including ranks, staff members, warps, donation ranks, warps and website links. So if you have a question, make sure to check /warp info first.

- New Bedrock rank
Every time the same question: "Are you gonna add a new rank?!", and always the same answer: "No", until now! Today we've added a totally new rank, Bedrock. This is, and will be the last rank we ever add to the server. You earn it after 1000 hours of playing on the server. For some people, it's too much, but others say that it's not fun because they already have over 1000 hours of playtime. The new Bedrock rank has 6 homes and can do /tpahere. More commands will be added soon, we are still talking about what command we are going to add.

- Floating text plugin
If you are a daily player on our server, you can't have missed it. Floating texts all over the server. We've added this plugin because sometimes people forget to read signs and therefore don't know what to do in certain worlds. You simply can't miss the floating texts cause it's not a natural thing in Minecraft, so keep an eye open when playing on the server, you don't want to miss the important information floating right above you.

- Market design changed
Yes, we've changed the market design to a design which fits the spawn design better. People are still complaining about the shop prices, which is understandable, but what players don't know it that it's hard to get a good balance between buying and selling stuff. If we make 1 mistake, some people will have 10k in over half an hour. We are still working on better market prices, but it requires time.

- PVP spawn changed Instead of using 2 very heavy plugins for KitPVP, we decided to use our own old pvp system from back in the old days, but with a small update. You can now choose between 3 different kits instead of using 1 standard kit. Go to /warp pvp to test it yourself.

- Small bug fixed
We've changed a few bugs in the configuration of our plugins. Including griefprevention pvp-log inventory clearing, account losses and creative gamemode item theft.

That's it for now people, thanks for reading this post.
To keep up to date with the server news, check this page now and then.

- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL
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