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Server Update August 20

Server Staff
Today we've performed an update on our server that will change a lot on our server. We've talked about this update in the chat for a while and now it's finally here. In this post we are going to talk about why we did this and what we did.
Maybe you've heard it in the chat, but we were talking about focussing on factions and survival, and adding new plugins for those worlds etc, and that's exactly what we did, but there's more.

For us to be able to add more plugins and to fucos us those 2 worlds, we had to remove some things. Down below you can find a list of things we changed/removed in order to make this update possible.

- Remove Kit PVP (arena's)
We decided to remove this game because almost nobody was playing it anymore. It also had a lot of bugs and the arena's were getting a bit old and boring. Also, because we have Factions, these arena's are almost

- Remove Creative
We've removed this world because, like with pvp, almost nobody was playing it anymore. By removing this we also solved numerous bugs and item glitches from creative to other worlds. The creative world also used a very big plugin which we were able to delete now, to save a lot of our server RAM.

- Remove Minigames Hub & TNT Run
As you might have heard before, the plugin TNT Run uses a lot of RAM to regenerate the floor, which lagged our server very badly. The normal server TPS (ticks per second) is 20, and after a game of TNT Run the TPS dropped to 18 or 17.
By removing the minigames world, we saved a lot of extra RAM which we can use for Survival and Factions now, but don't worry, we still kept MobArena, Casino, Parkour etc. We only use warps now.

- Change the Factions Market
Some people were complaining about lag at the factions spawn, and they were right. At the end we found out that it was caused by all those item frames of the shop, which was located right below the spawn surface.
So we decided to move the shop to the outside of the spawn, which will load later so that it doesn't cause a lot of lag. The shop has 2 layers, with buy and sell sighs where you can purchase and sell a lot of items.

- Add McMMO, Auctions & Healthbar
Because of removing the things listed above, we were able to add some extra plugins, including McMMO, Auctions and a healthbar above players' heads. Most of them were meant for Factions, but you can also use them in the Survival world.
Note that McMMO is disabled in the spawn world, cause it's kind of useless there.

- Add more ranks
In a previous update, we added the rank Bedrock. Today we've added 2 more ranks: Obsidian and EndStone. Because bedrock is stronger than Obsidian and Endstone, we changed the Bedrock rank into obsidian, followed by Endstone and Bedrock.
Everybody who had the rank Bedrock will automatically be rank Obsidian. To get the ranks you need to play these amounts of time:

Obsidian: 300 hours
EndStone 600 hours
Bedrock 1000 hours.

At /warp info you can find more info about the ranks.

- Bugfixes and small changes
We've also fixed numerous bugs and errors in our files. We've also changed some small things like add other rewards to the voting plugin, change kits, add a new mobarena etc.

Now, why did we do all of these things? Well the answer is very simple: We want to focus on something, in this case it's Survival and Factions. If we focus on these things we also only get players who like these things, so our server will be a better community then it already was.
We also did this to save some more RAM, which we need to run a bigger map, or more plugins. If you want to help us out with buying more RAM, you can always donate,

This was the post about this update, hope you guys enjoy the new update!
- Fabian, NLGameVideosNL Owner
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