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Tpa Killing

1. thanasis , NoName7 , JIMG7 , djluca
2. 25/7/2016 15:35 (Greek Time UTC+02:00)
3. At the factions server
4. While i was mining some clay to sell and make money thanasis asked to teleport to me. I asked him if he would kill me and he said no and since tpa killing isnt allowed I let him tpa. At first he didnt do anything but after about a minute djluca teleported to him. He didnt do anything as well and then NoName7 and JIMG7 teleported to him. NoName7 started hitting me and then everyone of them was after me while i was trying to escape. Then I ate a god apple stoped right there, opened the /shop, sold the clay and bought some enderpearls and I managed to get away after some time using the e-pearls. My armor was almost broken and I was out of food. After that they even called me a hacker cause they didnt manage to kill me.
5. I took screenshots of thanasis asking to teleport to me, everyone hitting me, and the conversation after the event.

-thanasis asking to teleport and me accepting :
-the four of them behind me trying to kill me :
-the conversartion after the event : , , , , , , ,
-my armor which is almost broken cause noname7 said i hacked and it didnt broke.... :

I hope you can see the screenshots....
as long as you didn't die your fine, but I think thanasis and the others will only be warned not to do this kind of trap again caz if they kill you its then called successful tpa kill for them and a bad loss for you. Thanks for the screenshots by the way :D
thanks for replying crackershoot :D
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