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talking other languages than english or dutch

hello peeps i want to report CaptainGreek and CaptainHacky cus they both talk greek whole the time i told them to talk english for like 20 times in this 1-2 weeks of august and they still doing it romee9 Stan4Life and BigSmile know about this cus i told them and they warned them but they dont have a mute or ban and they are still doing it i think this is really anoying for me and other players you could say just ignore them but they are talking in global chat... so they just have to stop i told them to talk in msg or make an party and talk in party chat i helped them with making a party but they dont use it.
well to add to this thread many people ignore the rule Only English/Dutch in global chat. Well old players like SwagMC123, Kuroko, Waniko and some others, speak Tagalog (Philippines language) in public chat. I'm not sure if they have been warned but I just felt like pointing that out and make sure you guys know, thanks for reading.
yes true there are a lot of people who sometimes talk another language but this guys always do it @Crackershoot
i want to add something to this thread mike203 and kiki 12 are doing the same thing as i said in the te other message so the same things as captaingreek and captainhacky but i forgot to say
Me by myself don't like breaking the rules too but sometimes i need to talk greek w/ some players because greek players who join server are mostly at age of 11-14 and they don't know good english so they won't understand most of the things admins/mods or just players will tell them to help them.
And believe me this is as annoying as you talking Dutch, it's annoying because you don't understand, and it gets even more when u see your name at their conversation
+ one thing, once i was talking greek with a guy just to help him out, when stan4life logged i asked him if he had a problem with us talking greek and he told me "When global chat isn't busy you can talk greek just don't keep doing it while many people use it"
@bluepotato about the new greek players did u mention /msg and /p commands if they would like to speak greek freely?
@Crackershoot yes i did, not once nor twice but 5 times but they won't understand but i am not talking about these guys, i am talking generally about talking greek when global chat isn't busy.
Server Staff
@justkillthem @Crackershoot @bluepotato We usually don't do anything about it unless it gets really annoying/spammy. The Dutch/English rule is more like a guideline and not really a strict rule. The reason that Dutch is allowed is because the network used to be a Dutch-only server and cause almost all staff members are/speak Dutch.
@poepjejan1 it is actually getting really annoying even for me that im Greek.
Indeed it's really anoying... I'm dutch but I talk english in global chat so everyone can understand and join the conversation if they want to. But these guys just spam the chat non stop with greek. Can't read the other messages properly... I saw multiple ppl telling them to stop but they don't. Only when a mod is online they talk 5min english and then just talk in greek again. :/

They really should use skype or a teamspeak server if they want to continue.

Talked to bluepotato about this and he's a cool guy. If you see him talking in greek, it's only because he tries to make them clear that they have to stop.
Most of them haven't got banned yet and they wont get as i see, talking w/ mods about these but they are like "I didn't see anyone talking Greek" after reports on forum and even players complaining in-game when mods/admins come online.
its really annoying that im neither dutch or greek, :( im a rare kind :D
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