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trifonas and giorgas1234

Well.. I'm reporting those players for killing ME in SV Spawn while I was AFK. you might ask how is it possible to do that. Well.. the answer is drowning, yes they drowned me by pushing me to the fountain that's in the SV spawn. I have no proof but I have Staff who saw my stuff in their inventory. Yesterday @giorgas1234 drowned me and got busted by @BigSmile by checking his inventory and I think he got banned for that (not sure if im suppose to report him) and today about half an hour ago I got drowned by him moving me to the fountain. Luckily @stan4life was online I kindly asked him to check everyone's inventory to see if they got my stuff and @trifonos DIDNT have my stuff, it was @orianna. She saw my stuff and she got them but kindly gave it back so thanks to her I'm still good in Survival. @orianna told me that she saw @trifonas trying to kill her so I would like to recommend to keep an eye on that guy. So that's its for the report and I thank the @StaffTeam a lot for being kind and online when needed that what makes the server amazingly special. Thanks for reading and I wish both learn their lesson.

Note:Romee9 placed barriers on the fountain so no worries about getting drowned by players again. Thank you Romee.
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