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_Enderdragonking is a hacker

Now, i just realised than nearly every thread i make, i start with "Now" XD, anyway, the hacker i'm talking about is @_Enderdragonking, he was hacking in Skywars, and i dont have any video evidence of him hacking or anything (coz my bro doesnt allow me to download any video recording software, saying it takes too much ram), but so far, i've seen him using knockback resistance (i shot him with a bow and he didnt fall off the bridge), he had a bow on his hand and a bridge started appearing, HE DIDNT LOOK DOWN, HE HAD AN AXE IN HIS HAND, HE WAS MAKING A BRIDGE WITH AN AXE, and when i questioned him, he said that he was just "too good at Skywars", and called me a d*ckhead for being like this. And now im raging and that aint something i do that often unless i see a hacker, hopefully i get video evidence. So thats it from me and dont forget to Have fun and GO CRAZY!
now the forums r glitching out what is happening?
if i ever see this guy online I will record for you
@staff will bust this hacker in no time leave it to them :)
thanks guys, but i havent been seeing him for the past few days so idk if he quit because i caught him with hacks :/
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