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Global rules

  • Respect other players that play on the network or make use of this website.
  • Do not use foul language in the chat, keep it child-friendly.
  • Only use the English language in the public chat. You can speak any language in private messages.
  • Do not use hacks, cheats or make use of/abuse exploits in plugins, Minecraft itself or network/website features.
  • Do not spam. With spam we mean flooding the chat with messages, advertising and sending unwanted messages.
  • Do not advertise for anything at any time. This includes: your YouTube channel, own Minecraft server, your website and any other form of content that you want to make people aware of.

Server rules

  • Do not destroy builds, kill animals or steal items from chests/players. This is considered griefing, which is not allowed.
  • Do not build gigantic animal/monster farms which a) contain lots of entities, b) consist out of lots of redstone or c) use Minecraft exploits/bugs.
  • Do not argue with players in the public chat.
  • Do not (attempt to) kill other players in the server in non-pvp worlds.
  • Do not teleport to a player / let a player teleport to you jsut to kill them, TP-killing is not allowed..
  • Do not build or use an anti-AFK machine or use other means to gain more play time without actively playing. If spotted, your playtime and rank in the respective server will be reset.
  • Do not build random pillars/blocks, dirt houses/boxes or other ugly/insulting things.
  • Do not cross any invisible world border or barrier. These are there for a reason.
  • Do not use more than 1 alt-account in any of our servers. Using alts for boosting (e.g. sharing money or vote/party keys) is strictly forbidden and will get your alt banned.
  • Do not build things that produce lag. Laggy builds impact the server performance and also makes other people around your build unable to use Minecraft.

Premium rank rules

  • Do not abuse the commands you've bought. We can remove your permissions at any time.
  • Do not use fly, godmode, vanish or any other OP command during a battle. We can remove your permissions at any time.
  • You are not allowed to use the /changespawner command on spawners that are not yours. With this we mean spawners which are not on your claimed area or spawners that are used by players WITHOUT the feature permission (this does not apply to trusted players, though using the /trust command just for the spawners is also not allowed). Selling/trading/giving away changed spawners is also not allowed.

    Any abuse of this command will lead to the removal of the /changespawner permission.
    No refund will be made in case of a permission removal.

Website rules

  • Do not register multiple forum accounts.
  • Do not fill in any inappropriate information when editing your profile page.
  • Do not attempt to hack any account registered on the website.
  • Do not abuse the vote system on the website.
  • Do not make a fake purchase in the server store or perform chargebacks.
  • Do not send us multiple support tickets within a short period of time. This is considered spam.